Baby Q 5 weeks and baseball

Baby Q is 5 weeks old now (going on 6 in a couple of days. ) Everything is going good thus far. I still don’t have any photo’s of the baby online. I know, I know, everyone wants to see him!

I’m trying to figure out what I’m going to do about a birth announcement (I create my own — not for my 1st baby, but ever since, yes.) I have things I am going to use, but have to experiment with the printer we now have, and also decide between a few other ideas once I have the printer end figured out. I’m kind of “old fashioned” about this, I want to show him to family and friends with a memorable thing that can be held, saved, put in a scrapbook or box for the future. THEN I’ll upload photos to Flickr and then post them here, there, where ever.

We went on our first “trip” since Baby Q was born, just this past week. Our nephew (my hubby’s) got married this past weekend, in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. So we drove down on Thursday and came home on Sunday. It turned out alright, the wedding events were great, the trip itself alright, but overall a bit more than desired stressful on me/baby. It is good to be home, but Hubby went out-of-town Tues thru tonight, so that homecoming turned out to be restful yet not at all. If that makes much sense.

Hubby needs to go to Florida off and on for his work, and needs to go back to where we just were for the wedding last weekend … this next week. We are toying with having us all go with him, and try to get to see some baseball, Minor League most likely (we like Minor League B-Ball and the pricing is in our ballpark as well, needing 5 seats for the family the past few years … not that we don’t like Major League, we sure do … do the math though.)

So if we can go, we’ll find a team in the west coast of Florida area. It’ll be Baby Q’s first baseball game attendance. If not, we’ll find a team around where we live sooner than later. There is Major League in Atlanta, but I don’t like the Braves really, and don’t particularly like the NL. I am an AL liker. I also really do like Minor League ball, and we enjoy collecting hats and stuff, though we haven’t done that much over the years, mostly not, mind you, but would if we could. Anyhow, last year we did get to a game in Charleston, SC and one in Seiverville, TN. The team in Charleston is the River Dogs, and they are a Single-A Yankee’s affiliate. The TN team is the Smokies … I don’t recall their current affiliation, they are Single-A as well, I think. The teams around here are in “The Southern League” of the Minors.

Years ago in South Florida me and my now hubby used to attend Ft. Lauderdale Yankees games frequently, before we were married. In the beginning of June it was 15 years since he asked me to marry him, right before we went to a game. He was going to do it there, but got excited and asked me in the car in the driveway of my parents house instead.

That was Single-A ball. There is no Minor League team there any more. Those were the days when NYY (Major League) Spring Training was held there in Ft. Lauderdale.

So then, where we are now there is nothing very close, but a grand amount of teams a few or more hours of driving away. So plans must be made to attend, last minute isn’t very doable, unfortunately.

My birthday was on the 18th of July, and my hubby finally got me what I’ve wanted for years, a fine wool fitted NY Yankees cap. 🙂 I have “always” been a Yankee fan, something I got from my Daddy, though he wasn’t a die hard fan, but liked them. He wasn’t a sports guy, liked baseball and mostly that was all. I am also mostly just baseball friendly, but do like watching Golf, and can tolerate SOME football, but grow weary of it fast, and don’t like that other B-ball game which I won’t mention. I’m not very sports inclined, except for baseball though, it’s my first and only love in “sports” of that nature.

My main idea of “sports” is what one does in nature, climbing, hiking, boating, running, etc. for fun mostly. Organized sports are not kindly considered by me. Baseball somehow doesn’t suffer that fate in my mind. Anyhow, we hope to get some good baseball game viewing in person done before the season is over, now that baby is here and older. I just need to get him a Yankees cap and outfit to wear. 🙂

So along those lines, the Yankees are doing well, and I’m enjoying watching them on TV most every game that I can. We have DirecTV and the MLB EXTRA INNINGS and the Sports channels upgrade … so I can watch Yankee away games on the MLB channels and home games on YES Network … also hubby has an subscription, so we can watch games on the computer via the internet if they aren’t on TV for some reason, but aren’t “blacked out” … or if they are blacked out we can listen to the audio online, leastwise.

Right now there is a game on YES network, an afternoon game. It’s not really good right now, Top of the 2nd and CHW has 6 runs and 2 on, and just got another hit and those 2 on came in, so there’s 1 on now … on 2 outs … pooh. 8 to 0. Ah, well, Yankees have been hitting up a storm of late, and hopefully we’ll have some good bats in the bottom of the next several innings to make up for this horrible Top of 2nd, poor Clemens.

Well I’ve not paid such good attention to this game while posting this, and now Clemens has been pulled from the game. Whoa. Mike Meyers is in, and so I now will just watch the game and close this post.

One of these days I’ll get a Baby Announcement created and then have the freedom to post pictures. My Baby Q is really cute and getting cuter. He wasn’t so cute for awhile, with some skin condition, but it’s cleared up enough for him not to look so icky now. Phew!

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