Baby Q – 6 wks old

Baby Q turned 6 weeks this past Saturday. Today, Tuesday, Aug. 7th, we saw a Ped. for the first time, and all seems fine, as we knew it was. We don’t immu. and that Ped. is OK with it and also with homebirth, and knows we’ll look him up on occassion as needed and that’s alright.

We are going to FL again … don’t know if the baseball game attendance I talked about in the last post will occur for us, probably won’t work out this time … but we’ll do something around the SE sooner than later, as there is only a couple of months left in the season.

It’s been really HOT lately, the house can’t handle it at all, it’s cooler in here than out there — sure, but out there it’s in the high 90’s at the least, just actual temperature, not factoring in the humidity or “how hot it is when the sun is blazingly hitting the side of the house” or in ‘full view’ standing out in it. Ugh. FL is worse though, with the sub-tropical thickness of the humidity and temperatures, it’s worse, to me, with the same readings as anywhere more Northern.

We set the A/C really low and it still is in the high 70’s at best in the house all afternoon, and it takes all night to cool down closer to 70 degrees … by morning, and then it all starts all over again … July in NE GA was so nice, August has been a bear to deal with.

We have had rain of late, some nice homegrown thunderstorms with lots of rain in them, and a couple of trees that weren’t looking so good since that April 2007 late freeze are looking better now. Case in point is the Crepe Myrtle we planted in early Spring, it was coming along, growing with the wonderful Spring we were having, then that Freeze hit and all the leaves and growth was turned to black mush. I ended up having to cut it back and we waited for lovely growth again, but had only some leaves come out and the “growth” we expected just sat there and barely started just “sat there” atrophy-ing-ish, and the leaves that were out seemed lax and so tired, in spite of the decent watering we had given it and starter and all that. So with the last couple of weeks, the rain increased and one good storm last week VOOM! the leaves all perked up green and perky and now the “growth” has finely begun, and I hope it continues, it’s the most promising it’s been since early Spring when it first came alive after planting/winter.

That’s it for now. I hope all goes well for the landscape this week and looks great when we return. 🙂

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