Month: November 2007

  • Birthday Girl

    9 Years Ago today, my darling daughter was born. It was the day before Thanksgiving, and that puts her Birthday squarely on Thanksgiving Day on occassion, but always so very near-by. The birthday girl isn’t feeling so well, with some sort of chest congestion/cough thing going on the past few days. Over all though, she […]

  • My Worksheet

  • Thanksgiving Prep and more

    Tuesday before Thanksgiving: Breastfeeding ‘letdown’ started to come back in the middle of the night, and improved throughout the day. I got bread made, chopped it and other things to make the stuffing for the Turkeys, and got one of the turkeys stuffed and roasted, and sliced, then vacuum sealed (much thanks to Frank for […]

  • Thanksgiving Prep

    I was writing this post earlier today, this morning, with intent to talk about my Thanksgiving Prep that I was planning on beginning today. Of course, I didn’t get the post finished, and as things went on, I got NOTHING done for Thanksgiving Prep. 🙁 I did, however, get Lasagna made, and in the oven […]

  • My Colors

    I’ve been looking at the book “Color Me Beautiful” by Carole Jackson on Amazon, “looking inside” it as much as I can, online that is. I don’t own the book, never have. I’m familiar with the concepts since the early 80’s through many sources at the time. Anyhow, I reached my “limit” in how many […]

  • Baby Announcements

    I haven’t been writing here much, and on my other blog not at all really. I usually put a picture at the top of the front page of my other blog, something “recent” and that has been the intended plan to do it frequently, I also have intended to put pictures in some posts here, […]

  • November 8 ’07 – First Fireplace Morning

    I’ve known for a few days that the weather would be cooler and cooler this week, and so prepared for wanting a fire in the fireplace this morning. Indeed, it’s nice. Outside it’s frosty. It was frosty yesterday, but not nearly so much as today shows Jack’s visit (on the grass and the vehicles parked […]

  • November – Holiday Season begins

    Holiday Season is right around the corner. It’s November now, which means in our household we have Thanksgiving and then our DD’s Birthday, or visa-versa, depending on the year. (She was born in 1998 on the 25th, the day before Thanksgiving.) This year Thanksgiving is three days before her b-day. It always makes for a […]