November 8 ’07 – First Fireplace Morning

I’ve known for a few days that the weather would be cooler and cooler this week, and so prepared for wanting a fire in the fireplace this morning. Indeed, it’s nice. Outside it’s frosty. It was frosty yesterday, but not nearly so much as today shows Jack’s visit (on the grass and the vehicles parked outside.)

The weather site I use says it’s 30 degrees with a 28-feels-like temp. It’s not super warm in the house, but going outside and then back inside, the house interior does feel quite warm, for a bit.

I’m not putting the fireplace into full force work yet, just a morning fire today, maybe something later on after sundown, or right around it. The fire isn’t only about warmth, but about living light and spark of spirit. The days are getting darker, it’s a needful thing for us humans to get light from nature, and I do think the old-fashioned fireplace is something we do need in Autumn and Winter climes of less daylight than nightdark.

My sweet Baby Q wasn’t comfortable during the night. He’s exhibiting his first Cold signs. Poor baby. I heard funny sniffling coming from another child’s room too. 🙁

I meant to start vit. D stuff (cod liver oil, etc.) with the children earlier, but didn’t. Oops. Less light means less vit. D production in our bodies. I keep the children in from mass sun exposure year round, so with the different light now shining daily, they need a bit more sun exposure than “the norm” and 3 days to have the body convert that to usefulness. Supplements are useful 🙂

So the weather outlook for the next 15-days isn’t looking to be as cold as yesterday and today have been. Even so, a nice little fire some mornings will continue to work, for the comfort of spirit and soul they bring to us.

This will be our 11th Winter season in this house. I didn’t grow up in houses that had fireplaces. I lived in PA until I was 13, and I don’t know of anyone then that had a fireplace. Hmmm. I read about them and longed for those days in my books. I’m glad we can have lovely fires in a box, and that my children have this experience.

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