Baby Q – 10 Months Old

Baby Q turned 10 months on the 23rd of April. It’s been so busy, I haven’t had the time to write anything online …

He’s getting bigger, really advancing, so very, very close to “walking” but still “cruising” instead of actually taking own steps. He does pull up to standing from a sitting on the floor position, he can stand for a couple of minutes without losing balance and going “boom” — he’s just content to do all this and not “walk” … which is going to end at any time, sooner than later.

He “talks” all the time. Actually intelligible to me and some of our family here. It’s not really English, but close, getting there. Absolutely he mimics things I say often, and also says things for himself. He loves exploring sibling faces, with his fingers, and of course Mama and Daddy’s faces as well.

His [acronym title=”Papa”]grandpa[/acronym] was here for a few days this week, just left yesterday evening. He was very shy the first day, and the second day he was A-OK with him. He saw his Papa the first time when he wouldn’t remember, he was just barely a month old, and this last meeting was his second, but a first for Baby Q the near-toddler.

That’s all I can write now, I’ll publish this so that I put something up, and hope to finish it more fully later.

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