Month: September 2008

  • Sickies; pictures

    I wrote a post on my other site about being sick. I’ve been dealing with recovering from a long trip, then having the children get sick one by one, and now me too, and haven’t delt with the pictures on my camera from the trip as of yet. One of these days I’ll get my […]

  • Our Trip

    I am up early and decided to check on my blogs, and was nearly shocked when I realized I never wrote another post here about the trip. We went to NYC Friday night, took some camera phone pictures, we were in the Times Square area. We went to Toys R Us and it was really […]

  • Our Trip – Stop 3: Feeling Stuck

    We are still in the hotel in the Princeton, NJ area, and will be for a few more days. Time is running out for us to do the stuff I want to do though. Hubby won’t be back until after dark tonight, so there is no where we can go to see anything. We have […]

  • Our Trip – Stop 2

    We are now in the Princeton, NJ area, not exactly, but sort of. No reason except for centrality of where hubbies appointments are the rest of the week. From Williamsport we drove to Easton, PA, where I was born and lived until I was 7 years old, when we moved to Williamsport. I saw the […]

  • Our Trip – Stop 1

    We are in PA right now. We left early morning this past Saturday (driving) and have been in one of my hometowns since Saturday night, Williamsport. I lived here with my family from the age of 7 to 13, then we moved to FL. That was the hardest move I’ve ever made. It killed so […]