Our Trip – Stop 2

We are now in the Princeton, NJ area, not exactly, but sort of. No reason except for centrality of where hubbies appointments are the rest of the week.

From Williamsport we drove to Easton, PA, where I was born and lived until I was 7 years old, when we moved to Williamsport.

I saw the house that was my first dwelling. The street was crowded with cars on both sides, parked, really strange at just a few minutes past 5pm, to us. The street is a One-Way street now, it sure wasn’t when I lived there and wasn’t some years ago when my hubby was in the area and went to take a few pictures for me. Anyhow, the house was unremarkable, as usual. A typical ugly Easton, PA duplex house. Well, not ugly, just plain.

There exist nicer looking duplexes, obviously from an earlier era, further to the east towards Easton, with where we had lived being on the outer western edge of Easton. Down the street from my old house is where I went to school. Across from that was the playground that was flooded by the fire department in Winter for Ice Skating fun. Both no longer exist.

There are really ugly newer than my era houses where Liberty School was located, and the playground is a playground (actually retains the lovely Liberty name) but it’s a modern to-code sort of playground, just looks so different to what I remember, of course, seeing as my memory is from pre-1973.

So many of the streets in that area are One-Way now. All those years ago, in the late 60’s, my brother was crossing our street to a friends house and a person turned onto our street speeding fastly, and hit him and caused my brother to be changed forever. It would be impossible for a car to do that today, as the traffic flows the other direction only now. FWIW. It’s so very crowded too. It just doesn’t seem that someone would want to speed down that street.

I was disgusted to see my beloved Dixie Cup building so run down. I hadn’t thought of ever checking up on it online, but it was long abandoned and looking so needing to be reduced to rubble. Most all the windows broken, and just aged and abandoned. It was a lovely living symbol when I was living there, yes, all those years ago. The Easton of my early childhood memory is barely there. It’s sad. But I don’t feel as sad about it as I do Williamsport, which I see improving, and me missing the life that I once had, the promise it had, and how I lost it when having to move. My sisters have different ideas, no doubt, as my eldest had spent her entire life in Easton and moving from there was as bad in a way for her as moving from Williamsport was for me. For my other two sisters the moves weren’t good either, I just don’t know how much either affected either one.

I’ll be trying to put together a few things about visiting some historic sites in NJ; Easton, PA; and NY City. That’s my agenda for the next few days, figuring out what to do.

It was nice driving from Williamsport to Easton today. The Pocano’s are so nice, I’d forgotten that we’d be driving that way, and it was a surprise treat. Hubby hadn’t been in that area ever, so it was new to him so a treat too.

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