Waiting … always

There’s a bright blue sky, sun shining even brighter, and I feel so blah. I feel bad for things going on and my messy house and lack of direction for this and that and lack of feeling connected.

There is always tomorrow, though.

I do think that some might think me “depressed” when reading what I write, or hearing what I sometimes say. That’s just not possible for me though, for there is always tomorrow, always hope. 🙂

That’s one smile. I don’t feel it though, in real life, it’s out there far from me right now. I love my family but hate this house and the tediousness of organizing and getting others MOTIVATED. UGH!!!!

I have such hopeful ideas that just never see the light of day. I have a voice which no one can hear. So I wait, just as usual, every day, I wait. (I loathe the “waiting line” …)

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