Month: August 2009

  • Stupid Outing

    On Saturday, August 22, 2009 it was our 17th Wedding Anniversary. We went to the High Museum of Art in Atlanta as planned (see previous post) & I finally saw one of my favorite painters paintings in the Monet Water Lilies special exhibition which was ending on the 23rd of August. In that exhibit you […]

  • High Museum Family Membership

    We just purchased a Family Membership at Atlanta’s High Museum. I’ve wanted to do this over the past several years to enjoy myself, and also to show art to my children as part of their education and also to learn to enjoy it fully in their lives. What made me do it finally and fully […]

  • Family Goings On

    Family stuff: Found out recently our old Family Reunion is in August … haven’t been since I was pregnant with my second baby. That would be July 1998. I doubt we can go, but who knows. When I was younger the reunion was always in the third week of August. In my adult years they […]

  • Kitchen update August 2009

    My kitchen is awaiting a new temporary counter on one side, hubby promises it’ll be such for about 4-weeks at the most. I should have had it already for nearly a week, but here it is, not in yet. Hubby is sleeping on the couch, and I can’t do anything about it myself. We are […]