The Fourth of July

Tomorrow is the Fourth of July. It’s a big deal in the USA … and has always been so for me. My birthday is exactly two weeks after the holiday, so it “feels like the beginning of my special time” … has always.

In my family I have/had a sister and my father with birthdays in-between the Fourth and my birthday too. It’s a Birthday month to me and I also married someone born in-between the afore-mentioned birthdays. 9, 10, 11 …

I’ve also always loved Fourth of July fireworks, and fireworks any old time of the year. In the past mph years I have gotten my hubby to get us involved in shooting them off ourselves, instead of searching for “the best place to see them on the Fourth” and all that entails … It’s a fun day, even moreso a fun FUN FUUUUNNNNNNN night. 🙂

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