The Holidays are approaching!

The weather is cooler and the calendar is now showing November. Time to start thinking about a birthday and Thanksgiving, which are usually entwined to some degree more or less, this year the least of ever, with Thanksgiving being so late (compared to normally.)

My husband is tasked with finding a nice FRESH Pastured Free-Range Turkey.

I need to go through things and make plans for ingredients I need to get, replace, restock, etc. I have pumpkin already. I still have some from last year too.

I’ll need to be prepped for Thanksgiving soon, so that I can get fully into my daughter’s birthday. Usually hers is right before or right after, and this year is odd, I have a few days for preparations in-between.

I was on Google just now searching images of free-range turkey’s and what do you know, down the page a bit, there’s my turkey from 2012, not exactly what I wanted back then, but it worked out. It’s not the kind of picture I’m looking for to put in this post though 🙂

I should make some whole spelt bread this week, and dice it up, put it into a freezer bag and freeze it. That’ll be the base of my stuffing for the turkey. I’ll have another small loaf of white spelt bread, which is easier to make so I’ll do that another time.

I should get out a notebook and make lists and more (I can’t go digital, no matter what, I always need a pen and paper. FWIW)

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