Culture Talk

I’ve been thinking about doing more with bread again. I stopped making my own spelt sponges quite awhile ago. I need to get a proper sourdough starter. I’m making that my objective to complete in the next couple of weeks.

[I do not want to “attempt” to make my own BTDT it’s not for me.]

Another thing is something I used to do with cream and milk. Piima culture  is really nice with raw milk. It’s pretty easy to use, but I was struggling in my house to find the right place for my starter to work since we changed things so much the past several years. I want to get back on track with that.

Another thing is croissants. I don’t like anything but a really well made one. Homemade … I attempted it long ago, in the 2000’s when internet recipes and comparison tools were NOT as they are now. It was wild and crazy, but I made them, tasty, wonderful but I’d never go through that again. Of course there are much better instructions online nowdays. It’s a peculiar bread, it must be folded with butter to laminate the layers to create the perfectly edible croissant at home. Starting with the right ingredients for the dough is key. I’ll get this going sometime soon as well.

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