Fridgidaire Upright Freezer E8 and more

Our freezer has had problems for a long while now. I finally had enough of it, decided to look deeper into it. Hurray! It’s definite that two things I’ve gotten for it were better for it. Front control panel and the Temperature Defrost gizmo are what I’ve replaced  (I tested the Temp Defrost when it arrived, and it checked out properly.) Next is the door gasket, I have it, hope to get it installed today.

Tomorrow the new Thermistor will arrive in the mail. It’s the key, I do hope, to why the freezer wasn’t working as well in the beginning and ended up where it was when I picked up this project … totally frosted over and iced up bottom of the freezer … the drain plug was one big ice puck. Nothing would defrost. It was cold, but saying the door was open and alarming all the time.

I put the new front control in, and vwomp, it stays closed better, but still needs a new gasket. Since putting in the control panel it’ll run cold, but eventually E8 error.

I took the Temperature Defrost off, testing it and it was dead. Got a new one, meanwhile defrosted the freezer manually, took everything out put it into a big 7-day cooler, it took a day and night and partial day, but eventually the ice melted and all the water drained, what a mess.

That E8 error and HIGH TEMP are what are the two normal views on the display now. The Thermistor, if it’s not the key, it’s the key stone. Last probable need to change will be that heater piece. I don’t know if it is needed. Once the Thermistor and Gasket are both installed I’ll plug it back in and see what happens. Holding out hope. 🙂

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