Thanksgiving Week

It’s that time of year, the week of Thanksgiving Dinner.

Preparations are under way via plans and gathering.

Tomorrow we’ll pick up the turkeys from Whole Foods Market, and the little things I have left to get at Costco and Publix.

Monday night will be the last dinner we actually “make” before Thanksgiving Dinner.

So today and tomorrow will be time for making bread for stuffing and going out for things and making one last dinner. Then Tuesday the big cooking, the turkey and stuffing, gravy. Out of the way, sliced, packaged, packaged, packaged. Done.

Wednesday prepping for Thursday, pies, and other things.

So Tuesday and Wednesday the oven will be in use, leftovers and frozen stuff will be meals, fit in when can, eventually.

Thursday getting ready for dinner will mostly be putting together sides, lots of oven use, and then getting the gravy nice and hot, turkey warmed up, stuffing too.

It’ll be a busy week, tiresome, and fun. Thanksgiving is the beginning of the feeling of SEASON’S GREETINGS!

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