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  • A/C Sensor Bad

    A/C guy was here yesterday. He checked everything and finally told us “it’s this sensing module that is bad” The basic long and short of it is, I don’t really know why we need it, guess it’s a fine tuner, making everything work well no matter what temps you put in or something. He said […]

  • August Begins

    August begins on a Monday this year. It’s so ‘school’ feeling. 🙂 That’s odd. We homeschool. It’s not anything we don’t ever do, totally. I’m getting a few super-lax weeks souped up today. I set it up as a plan last week, and this is the day. New Era. I’m using my calendars (google, of […]

  • HVAC Countdown

    One more day, after today, to get through, then it’s HVAC start up! I hate “wishing time away” I so hate it. I’m so familiar with it. More than I even want to think about. Anyhow, here we are a few days after having 4 guys (seemed like a ton of people!) traipsing through and […]

  • It’s a New Year, a week in already

    The first week of the new year (2011) has gone quite fast, yet seems slow as well. The new year started with warmer weather, and that lasted a few days, then back to cold enough to start a fire in the fireplace again. It’s not terribly cold, just normal cold for The South where we […]

  • Status Quo

    We had a mini-vacation by going to Charlotte for CKC there last week. Hubby had business there too (made the trip useful for him to be able to create appointments since we’d be there.) It was nice, in some ways. Hard, in many ways. Nice to get home. Not nice to get home. Home is […]

  • Hopefully getting more Wood Flooring soon

    We might be able to soon get more heart pine flooring like we put in our MBR 3 years ago. It’s a very long time in coming and if it pans out I’ll be thrilled. This is the 2nd post I’ve written (tho 1st on this blog) using Poster for WordPress, an App in the Palm Catalog […]

  • Kitchen

    My kitchen is partially better now. We moved the refridgerator to a new spot, close to where it was originally in the house, but down a few feet. It will be the anchor for the island someday. We’ll build it into a closet like structure, and that way put in a small pantry & also […]

  • Transitioning again

    We moved the big TV down to the “family room” again finally. It’s more finished than before, but still needs some work but is live-able now. It’s been a fight to figure out what to do with this house. Really the main floor is so small & it’s use-ability is pretty much decided from there. […]

  • Cooped up and Projects

    Things are greening up massively outside, Spring is here. I feel so cooped up though, with little access to the back yard, only through the dark hole like downstairs, which I despise to go through. It was supposed to be our “family room” but has just become a place where I don’t go, it’s dirty […]

  • Allergies and house stuff

    Goo … I feel miserable. My “normal” allergies have just been la, la, la all along this Spring, until about a week ago. They ramped up, but even moreso this week. So here I am, 36+3 (wks+days) pregnant and it’s hard enough to get the energy I need to do stuff … forget it now. […]

  • 36 Weeks today

    I’m 36 wks + 0 days today … I’m getting much closer, and time seems to be going faster and faster … We ordered our Birth Kit yesterday, and hopefully it will arrive before our Home Visit on June 4th (when I’ll be 38 wks 0 days.) We also need to get some other supplies […]

  • The Water Heater

    My previous post has been fulfilled. We had the water heater installed Saturday morning (April 14, 2007) and my –it’s been a long time since we’ve had HOT water … we just have been Reverse-Frogs (you know the idea about frogs, put them in a pot of cold water, and slowly heat the water up […]

  • Water Heater to be replaced

    Our hot water isn’t so good lately. Actually it’s been declining for awhile, and recently took a big leap downhill. We have a new water heater scheduled to go in on Saturday — and if that takes place … hot showers again (I mean “just hot enough” for “as long as one likes” within reason.) […]

  • Kitchen Layout changes

    The other day we decided to re-do our layout of the kitchen. It’s in “planning” stage still, but now we have it knocked out as to best functionality of it with space considerations taken. We decided to move the refridgerator so that it’s the first thing on the left when entering the kitchen via the […]

  • Rainy Monday

    Frank is out of town today. He’s got my cold now too, just the headcold part so far. He doesn’t sound so good over the phone. He says he’s feeling OK though. I, for myself, am not feeling that bad, but I had another bad night last night, that’s three in a row. It’s this […]

  • A/C has helped

    Life in our house since getting A/C Window units has been better, some. Yes, nicer, not sticky and overwelming any more. Thoughts of Fall are on me … the unit in the Kitchen Window blocks most of the morning light that we have had coming in there since living here. In the Spring we took […]

  • Upgrades to Computer and House

    Consensus of the computer situation led us to just get a new motherboard and processor. From what I read it’s probably the processor that died. Not for sure though. So it’s on to a new build of computer for me 🙂 The Athlon processor world has changed dramatically over the last few years. Our now […]

  • Household Changes

    I re-seated the heatsink on the desktop mb this afternoon. I had wanted to do this for awhile, but since my “stuff” is in such disarray, I hadn’t looked hard enough to find my Artic Silver, which I’d be needing to do the job. So I motivated to find it today. The computer yesterday started […]

  • The Kitchen: We have the fridge

    The fridge I had written about not too long ago, but I took those words out of the posts before it came, was brought over a couple of days ago finally. It’s nice. Nicer than our regular fridge, so it’s now our primary refrigerator. It’s a side-by-side, probably 25 cubic feet space inside. It has […]

  • Cabinet Hardware etc

    I hung the doors on the painted yucky cabinets. It looks nice, the color is great, just up close it’s too ridgy, and a few spots got mussed up in the hanging anyhow, so it’s best that I have to re-do some of it in the first place. The cabinets originally had the doors hung […]