HVAC Countdown

One more day, after today, to get through, then it’s HVAC start up! I hate “wishing time away” I so hate it. I’m so familiar with it. More than I even want to think about. Anyhow, here we are a few days after having 4 guys (seemed like a ton of people!) traipsing through and then giving us quotes. It’s been hot, even hotter than hot.

We haven’t had good air in this house ever. What we did have only worked for 6 years, maybe, then started having problems. Did we ever have it overhauled, or have it gone over to fix anything? No. It had no maintenance all along (maybe recharged once years ago.)

So we are getting a Trane, 3-zone system. More thermostats, more returns, more vents. Hopefully it’ll go well. The thing is we have lots of drywall to fix and install still. This job of installing the HVAC may enlarge the drywall job. But that’s OK. Air is important. For me it’s very important! I’m not so special. I think it would be important to any human or animal. Like right now, the air is thick and blah, I feel like I can barely breathe. That’s what my main house has been like for year after year, after year. For a long time the upstairs bedrooms were moreso the cool rooms. I’m just waiting to see what happens, I like fresh cool dry air all the time, I don’t like it cycling on and off and pretty much run the ‘fan’ all the time. I don’t know what the zones will be like, and how it’ll work out. Maybe we’ll have cool air in the cathedral ceiling living room, not get baked out of the kitchen. Huh.

So this morning the countdown is at 3. Tomorrow it’ll 2, and Wednesday it will be 1. And whenever they get here … Blast Off!

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