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  • EW30EF65GSA Oven Door Glass Replaced

    I had ordered 1 inner glass, thankfully I only needed 1. There aren’t only 2, there are 3 bleeping pieces of glass in that oven door. Not counting the front glass even. The new piece of glass is where the old one broke. The one that faces the oven directly. It looked cracked, but taking […]

  • EW30EF65GSA Troubled Again

    I did a small cleaning cycle in my Electrolux (EW30EF65GSA) main oven last week, and the inner glass cracked. Ouch. I could have used it still, but I have enough problems with racks in it, I wasn’t going to deal with it until I could replace the glass. My glass replacement is out for delivery, […]

  • Range is fixed. Need new cookware.

    We had someone come in to fix our EW30EF65GSA Range. Our Electrolux Stove is out of commission We needed a new Relay Board, and I was sick of trying to fix it. Another thing is they said the power wasn’t hooked up correctly. Quizzical since it was installed by installers and the power cord was […]

  • Our Electrolux Stove is out of commission

    Our EW30EF65GSA suddenly had a major problem over a week ago now. The front right burner, radiant element under a glass top, dual-burner, turned ON but was too hot, like on super HIGH. Turned it off, it was flashing HE as usual and looking settings-wize was OFF, but still burning hot on HIGH and looking full ON. Since […]