Range is fixed. Need new cookware.

We had someone come in to fix our EW30EF65GSA Range.

Our Electrolux Stove is out of commission

We needed a new Relay Board, and I was sick of trying to fix it. Another thing is they said the power wasn’t hooked up correctly. Quizzical since it was installed by installers and the power cord was separate then, but brand new, they hooked it up. It worked all this time, nothing changed but all of the sudden the front right burner just changed. So the first visit, they fixed the electrical connection, and voila, the front right burner wasn’t “ON” all the time anymore, but the Relay Board wasn’t right, and the burner’s inner ring wasn’t working. (Before that, the whole thing was ON red hot, so this is odd, to me.)

They came back on Saturday, and now it all works again. Maybe better than before. Haven’t determined whether or not that is so.

I have a few kinks to get out though, still missing one halogen light in the oven, so expensive! The upper one stopped working in the first couple of years.

The oven racks are, or were, lovely — but have become cratchety old ladies. They need limbered up, and re-aligned in some way. No way I’m ordering new ones when they are over $180 each. Ouch!

I’d love to get a new glass top, but that’s something I can’t yet find, nor can convince my husband of the necessity, though that time is coming sometime. It’s all scratched up and there is a deep pocket of missing glass on the front right burner, yes a chunk gone and no one knows how or why or when it happened, just in the last few months. No one claims to have done it, or witnessed it or anything so… I know it was a mystery to me when I discovered it already there.

I do want a new set of cookware. The stuff we have is old now, we got it when the range was new. It’s flat bottom stuff, but junk for a glass top stove. It warps as it gets hot, so misshapen and the mess of the stove top state…

Flat Disc sort of cookware is what I want/need, at least something that will NOT warp.

I really want to use Cast Iron, but won’t unless I have a flame to cook over. I don’t have a gas stove, but truly it’s the ultimate cooking device and I don’t have one. No gas line to the community we are in, and the other method to obtain gas, husband isn’t convinced of, so electric is the only way and if I had to get another stove I think I’d quit cooking, end of story.

I hate flat top cooking surfaces, I hate coils. I hate them so much, have ALWAYS loved flame and so I am destined to always have what I don’t want, I guess.

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