See here the map, and see why I’m blah, blah, blah. Give it time to load … [492 kb] once it loads it’ll go through it’s pretty cycle.

The Hurricane down to the Southeast of the States? Is that what I refer to?

No. Thing of beauty, as pictures of hurricanes go, though it is.

So what is it? Look at the smudgery of white over the South US. It’s dismal underneath it. Pure blah, blah, blah. It looks like a white-gray ink blot … doesn’t it?

Feels like one, from the Earth side of things it’s thick gray paint. Light can get through, but it’s dim, lifeless light. Weather thingie to the right says “FOG” but I see no fog. Just thick overcast muck. It rained overnight, and just sits above, shifting slowly, which must sort of be what it would be like in the movie Independence Day, if you were in one of those cities with the spaceship hovering overhead — wide, miles wide, oppressive …