Lunar Eclipse; Foggy Mornings

It’s foggy … again. Every morning for the last many, many days it’s been very foggy. I can’t recall this type of weather happening in past years, that we’ve been here.

The fog is very thick. You can see ahead of it, but not by that much. Like the houses behind ours [about half-an-acre to an acre away] are shrouded in fog, visible, but fog encased. I can see on our deck, that’s 10 feet of non-fog, then in the yard it just schoomps-up right away. The thing is, it’s not super thick at ground level right in front of you, as I described above. So visibility is alright in daytime, but not by much. Some areas, I’m sure, it’s thicker in.

So every day it’s the silent cloud-like morning until later when it starts to burn off … so that by Noon, it’s mostly gone, but at least until 10am it’s fairly thick.

It’s eerie.

Last night was eerie too, but expected and enjoyed. The Lunar Eclipse was in full view from our deck, and the skies cooperated nicely with very few clouds. Earlier in the day we had a “mostly cloudy” forcast. So I was happy to see mosty clear skies after dark.

The children all wanted to see it happen, but only Victoria saw it with me and Frank. Russell had fallen asleep, and had assured us beforehand that he wanted to see it, so we should wake him up if he falls asleep.

Of course, it wasn’t as easy as that. Frank tried to awake him, and told me he couldn’t wake Russell up. So I went into the house and tried to arouse Russell. I got him to wake up pretty fast and he followed me out to see the moon starting to show Earth’s shadow on the lower portion of it. Russell didn’t seem to want to be there, but accepted the plied into his hands binoculars, he put them up to his eyes then grunted responses to my questions, little affirmative words as well were his responses. I figured he was too tired, so off to bed he went again.

Frank was downstairs then, and saw Russell run by. He though Russell was getting something to go back out on the deck with. On Frank’s way out a few minutes later he went to turn a light off, and saw Russell huddled under the covers in bed, sound asleep.

Taking that scenario, adding my waking him and bringing him outside, and adding into it how Frank couldn’t wake Russell at all before that, we do think he was sleep walking.

This morning we asked him questions about it, and he has no recall of the Lunar Eclipse, of even waking up last night.

Russell was really the eerie portion of the October 27, 2004 Lunar Eclipse. He had bloodshot eyes, dull expressions, very “zombie-like”.

Victoria was bouncing around full of energy the whole night. She was more than ready to see the moon get dark.

In the past she’s missed the meteorite showers that she knows Russell has seen some of, and she wasn’t about to miss this fun touted lunar event. She enjoyed it.

The part we all enjoyed the most was the top edge of light that lingered, you could nearly feel that you were on top of the moon looking over the edge to the back side. Binocular views were spectacular.

We live in such scientific days. We don’t fear these events, as peoples of older times did. FWIW.

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  1. Glad you got to see it!

    It was cloudy and rainy here. 🙁 It would have been only a partial eclipse anyway…but still a little would have been better than nothing…like it turned out. Oh well. Two more years. Maybe we’ll catch it then. 🙂

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