Lasagna with fresh Kamut noodles (food)

I made lasagna for dinner last night (Friday night.) I made fresh Kamut lasagna noodles … the first time I’ve ever used my own pasta for the noodles of such. Oooh it was so good!

I just “made them” and didn’t look up any info on size to make the lasagna noodles (the number of “thinness” to use) and I was wondering if cranking them out to #7 specifications would be “too thin” but it worked out wonderfully.

I put some sauce on the bottom of the pan, put my fresh noodles on top, then more sauce, then a ricotta/romano/egg/parsely/sea salt mixture  layer, then grated mozzarella,  then  noodles sauce,  cheeses,  and then one more layer.

I loved the resulting concoction. DD loved it, DS #2 loved it. DS #1 balked but finally did eat it. HE in particular said “there is a taste in it I don’t like, it’s funny” … and the only thing I can say is that he could be right, I didn’t slow long cook the sauce, but made it fast and put the lasagna together and baked it for almost 2 hours.

Usually when I make anything that needs a “sauce” I will put the tomatoes in and let them cook down, down, down to a deep red, thick lovely sauce.

This day I wanted to get the lasagna into the oven at a decent time, and that facilitated a need for a quick sauce for once. I don’t mind the “quick” sauces, they are more-so “fresh” tasting, rather then “very mature” tasting as my long cooking sauces are.

When it comes to lasagna I am a snob. I have very particular particulars about how it should taste and what it should look like, and so on. Seems my eldest has one-upped me. FWIW.

Ah, well, as it goes, lasagna only improves with age, so having it on Saturday, re-heated, will be a great thing.

BTW the noodles started out at #1 and progressed up to #7, my final size (Mercato pasta maker) which is not the thinnest that I could have made them. They ended up at least 1/8th to a 1/4-inch thick once the lasagna was baked. Very, very nice.

DS #1 agreed that the Kamut noodles were superb, and it was something about the rest of it that he didn’t like, which I am sure is the “sauce” since I am usually one who prolongs the start of dinner to “get the sauce just right.”  Thick and deep red.


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