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  • Water main replaced today

    Our main water turnoff was knob. Rusty and miserably spraying water … finally got my hubby to look at it last week and say it actually needed attention. Of course, I had to deal with the whole thing, act helpless with the plumber and he finally got someone to come out and mark the main…

  • One Week to Christmas

    One Week to Christmas

    One week with nothing going on at all. Very few presents gotten. No Christmas tree either. Not on purpose. I’ve been doing KETO since mid November food prep is consuming me for the most part. I’m racking my brain to figure out what to do for everyone and I’m drawing no answers. Silence. Ugh.

  • Summer mid-point

    It’s the middle of Summer. Hot most of the time, raining, overcast, partly cloudy, sunny. Any of those on any day. Overall it’s been LESS hot this Summer, I think. The way it feels to me, that is true. A few days of very hot and humid, then several in a row of lower hot…

  • Bird Feeder Time

    I found a bird feeder that was in the shed, cleaned it up a bit and put it hanging on the front porch, filled with Black Sunflowerseeds. I had another hanging there that was in bad shape, so it’s now on the porch floor. It’s hard to get seeds to come out, the bottom is…

  • Gardening 2020 Rambles

    My gardening is going OK, but it’s also being used by birds and a rabbit. I have Kale growing, but it’s rather skimpily planted, next to that Swiss Chard, one of the few that came up was totally eradicated by one of the above, not eaten just taken apart. The Kale was meant to add…

  • There’s a warming trend

    It’ll be much warmer this week. Then colder again … so for now, it’ll be nice to get outside with my Canon 7D, and hopefully have enough wood for the fireplace as the piecemeal cold days come in the future.

  • Another batch of cold

    Seems all I write about here now is COLD. Ah, well. Today and Tomorrow will not be so cold, but getting colder at night, into the low 60’s for Highs. Sunday and Monday are going to be below freezing at night, and into the mid-40’s for high temperature. The next two days are supposed to…

  • Cold is in again

    Today I have been fighting with this non-seasoned wood to get something burning for tonight. It’s getting chillier in the house, and it’s nice to be warmer in the evening, the fireplace’s job. Top down works well, but not when the wood is so, well, I have to use a lot of junk to get…

  • EW30EF65GSA Oven Door Glass Replaced

    I had ordered 1 inner glass, thankfully I only needed 1. There aren’t only 2, there are 3 bleeping pieces of glass in that oven door. Not counting the front glass even. The new piece of glass is where the old one broke. The one that faces the oven directly. It looked cracked, but taking…

  • Blueberry Corn Muffins

    1 1/4 cups corn meal (a Masa variety) 3/4 cup Sprouted flour 1/2 cup sugar 3 teaspoons baking powder 1 teaspoon salt 1 cup blueberries, fresh or frozen 1 egg 1/2 cup butter, melted 2 1/4 cups milk In a large bowl combine the dry ingredients. Add the blueberries, stirring to distribute them fairly evenly.…

  • Corn-Bread Taco Casserole

    This recipe is made in a 9×13 glass pan, serves a large family or small group easily. (Really delicious first time, or as leftovers!) Make a double recipe of cornbread batter, layer cornbread batter and taco meat and cheese, bake in the oven until the cornbread is done, lightly browned on top. Taco filling: 2…

  • Fireplace Update – New Back Installed

    Fireplace Update – New Back Installed

    The fireplace back piece was installed two days ago. Unfortunately I have a bad cold and wasn’t in the room to see it happening, and it’s not what I was told was going to happen. It’s totally different from the original sidepanels. They were going to paint the new piece black so that it would…

  • Smothered Chicken (in Creamy Sauce)

    Smothered Chicken (in Creamy Sauce) – Stovetop version Chicken Breasts, brown on each side, set aside. (One for each person) In large pot put onion, diced, lots of garlic, smashed, into olive oil, and cook until onion is translucent. (One onion, less or more, and several garlic cloves) Put the browned chicken breasts on top…

  • Dinner Rolls

    This Dinner Roll recipe is mine. It started from my years of baking experience and a recipe from an old cookbook, putting the two things together quite awhile ago.

  • Happy St. Patty’s Day!

    Happy St. Patty’s Day! Originally uploaded by CrazyMaisy. Happy St. Patty’s Day!

  • Onion Chives – March 2012

    Onion Chives – March 2012 Originally uploaded by CrazyMaisy. Onion Chives – March 2012 Same chives as planted about 2004, perennial good friends.

  • Thyme – March 2012

    Thyme – March 2012 Originally uploaded by CrazyMaisy. Thyme – March 2012

  • Greek Oregano – March 2012

    Greek Oregano – March 2012 Originally uploaded by CrazyMaisy. Greek Oregano – March 2012

  • Whiskey Barrel – March 2012

    Whiskey Barrel – March 2012 Originally uploaded by CrazyMaisy. Whiskey Barrel – March 2012

  • Thanksgiving Meal 2011 Prep

    I don’t feel like doing this, but I am. Thanksgiving Day is less than 3 weeks away now. I have a chicken I could make, and told my husband that’s all I’ll make (no turkey) to save money. I can make stuffing with what I have now too. I have potatoes and frozen brocolli and…