Our LG Front Loading Washer just seemed to up and die the other week. (It was dead as a door nail. Dead in the water. No lights, no sounds. Quiet.) I am very frustrated with it. We were able to get a repair person out and he didn’t know what was wrong precisely, one of several boards.

Time went on. We went out-of-town. They still didn’t know what it was, we found out when we got back. We called them again this past Monday. They think they know the right part, and have ordered it and the earliest it could be installed was today. DH is out of town, I don’t have people in when he’s not here. So the repair is scheduled for tomorrow.

We shall see if I can do laundry in the house again, or not.

We’ve been to the laundromat too many times. That’s a whole different story I don’t wish to get further into, suffice it to say, I can’t stand the smell clothing picks up from the laundromat washers, using our own smell-less detergent.

As my dear eldest son said “It smells like other people’s clothes.”

Ick. Just perfumy. Icky other detergent stuff. Not every load was as bad, but it isn’t possible to figure it out and have non-perfumed clothing entirely from there. I’ll be very ecstatic if my washer will wash again!