Our washer finally got fixed today. The repair man arrived later than we anticipated, but not too long after the expected end time …

It was after Noon though, so when it finally was working, it was later into the day than I had wanted it to be (thinking I’d get some washing going that had waited the whole down-time of the washer not working, never taking these things to the laundromat.)

The thing that was wrong? The Main Board was bad. It’s a part under LG Warranty still, Hurray … ! Or not 🙂 … but rather 🙁

Repair guy left the old board, saying LG wouldn’t always ask for it when dealing with them for the warranty refund, but sometimes they did, so there it was to keep. We got all the paperwork from him so we had everything we needed to complete the warranty process with LG.


LG, called them a bit ago, my husband did, and they INSISTED that they would not deal with us, the consumers, but that the warranty HAD to go through the repair company. Bleeping red tape junk.

The repair man said that LG is always a pain to deal with on warranty issues. So there it is:

LG Warranty – Round One Winner

Us, the losers.


So next we get to find out what the repair people think about it all. Fun, fun, fun.