December this year has been rather wet compared to what I remember since living in GA (1997.) It has rained and rained and rained, been overcast and dull a lot, little sun. Sunny days are very special this month so far. Today the wind is building so much so that we are under a Wind Advisory as it is supposed to start when a low passes over GA so windy conditions will build with enough wind and gust to get an advisory until 6pm so far.

I’ve noted while looking out the window that wind is actually starting to build more in the last 10 minutes than before all morning, so the event has started. The sun is out a bit, but has been rather blah looking, until just recently, the sky is all blue and sunny with some stretched-out clouds on the skyline North-ish to the horizon there.

I’m trying to get more into the holiday mood. Already have any presents that we’ve bought wrapped up for several days. We’ve done more ahead of time than usual. We have more to get, but have to wait for Dec. 15 pay day to do more. Also, now that the septic tank was a forced issue we will be behind more than we anticipated and so my main Christmas present will probably not happen.

Hubby would say I got mine early anyhow, but it’s a different one than was planned (yes, I know what it’s supposed to have been, nothing is a surprise some years, such as this year is.) I got a Cricut “Gypsy” on Black Friday, with Michael’s having the best price “239.99” plus a $100 rebate to use on AThey also gave a car-charger and lanyard as a gift after purchase. (car-charger was $24.99 alone FWIW)

Besides the septic thing we also have something extra from a problem hubby is having with his a former contract he had, the which is suing the former head of that company and added my hubby to the suit for no good reason but thus far haven’t been able to get out of it, so $$$ to lawyer for working on it …. 🙁 no Christmas cheer for me due to that. I am able to do some things, but there is the “decide what we need in the kitchen (food) for the rest of the year. Then it’s Pick One from: get a Christmas tree, or firewood, or get the milk we usually buy from the farm in SC. But, it’s all “in the future” as we are pretty much out of money until payday, then not much to use for what needs done, so it’s a picking game. :(;