Boy oh boy it’s a new year, already a month after. I guess I thought I’d posted something here. Something, since mid-December. I didn’t get a family photo for Christmas, and never got a Christmas card finish or sent to anyone.

It was very mild in December & January, cold enough for a fire in the fireplace, but we ran out of wood, and then it was warm enough out to run the heat a little and get by. Why fix a leaky roof when it’s not raining, right? Same thing with wood. Wood runs out, it’s warmer though, don’t need to go get more wood, right? Suffer later for such thoughts and lack of action.

It’s been colder the last fews day/week. Cold enough to wish to go to bed and stay in bed longer than usual. Cold enough to not get out of bed to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Our system has something wrong with it. Our master bathroom only gets warm if the day is warm and sunny. The heat doesn’t go in there even though there is a fully open vent in there. The bedroom does get hot at night if we leave the hallway door shut. Go to bed cold, wake up at 2am suffocating from the heat. Have to open the door to let the heat out, and that regulates it a bit, but still, the bathroom, left shut or open, remains cold. This house has always been quirky anyhow, this is just a bit different.

We have many house projects to tackle still, and I’m hoping we’ll actually get some of them accomplished this year. Sliding door in kitchen, deck redone, window in kitchen, floors in kitchen/livingroom. Just that stuff need done terribly bad. Then also the cabinets finalized, really truly installed and counters, island created with downdraft and bar.

Things are in such a nothing-ever-changes mode it’s depressing.