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  1. Marysue,

    I just thought you may want to know. I got an email forwarded from Uncle Abbie. Our Uncle Gaylord passed away at 4m on Jan 12. I don’t know if anyone sent you anything.

    I’m not sure I have your correct email address. Please email me or call me this weekend.

    Love, your sister, Becky.

  2. Hey-ho! How are you? ๐Ÿ™‚

    An ot ? for you on WP…

    Can you point my in the right direction for setting up multiple blogs? I’d like to move my long untouched homeschool page over to our site using WP!

    Ooop. One more ot…still on WP…

    Is that a “sticky post” on the right side where you have the latest from your edu-blog or how’d you do it?

    No sense reinventing the wheel by wading through stuff at the WP board…thought I’d come to someone who’s already done it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. No, it’s not a “sticky”. I have two WP’s set up, Weblog and Edublog, in the same MYSQL, just different “table prefixes” in anycase, I think this just “works” other ways too, but that’s how I’ve tested it so far:

    On your INDEX.PHP there is some code at the top, copy that into a new text file, and then in there put the code you want to use to snag a post, or comments, whatever.

    I have the edublog most recent post there, and on the sidebar I have Edublog stuff there, and also my weblog recent posts and recent comments are using the same idea.

    I have those files as php files in each weblogs main directory and use a php include to pull them in on index.php.

    So since the wp headers are on each file, they work to pull the info from the right MYSQL database/table prefix.

    It’s magic! ๐Ÿ™‚

    You can pull that info onto a non-wp page too. I’m retooling in my head how to retool the site to a degree. I’ve been waiting for the next WP upgrade, but that’s not going to wait for my brain. So I’m making my own includes/asides, however one wants to call them, and I intend to make category pages too.

    So I need to warm up my hands, make breakfast, then I’ll post a better, more helpful post. ๐Ÿ™‚ [UPDATE: later tonight — I guess, as we are going out right now — 1:00pm eastern]

    I figured it out on my own. I reinvented the wheel ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I put the EDUBLOG post in a div that floats right, inside the LOOP but have a php !$single on that so it won’t show up on Permalink pages.

    If you see my page without CSS, the Edublog post is at the top under the header [on pages it shows up on, which is everything but permalink pages]

  4. Marysue,
    It’s Saturday 8Am and I just turned on the weather channel! They were in Atlanta and showing the inches of ice on the roads and everything else. Stay warm! And have a cozy weekend.

  5. Thank you Margaret! Fireplace is roaring. It’s very icy out, it’s gotten thicker through the day, with icy rain ontop of the granular stuff that had fallen earlier, which was ontop of about a half-inch of thick ice from during the night. “They” say we can still expect more tonight.

    We aren’t that cold either. I mean it’s really cold outside, but the house is nice and warm, which a few days ago with barren plain cold outside it was cold in the house. So we are doing fine. So far, electric hasn’t gone out. It seemd to flicker a lot for awhile earlier today though. We are using just our fireplace and a space heater for warmth. Glad the outside seems to be insulating the house somehow! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Marysue, What part of Georgia are you from? I am Cindy’s husband from DominionFamily blog. I read your birdwatching blog and thought it was neat. I saw a Scarlet Tanager in Toccoa Georgia. Cindy and I went to college there. I am originally from Savannah. Cindy was born in Cincinnati, grew up in Florida but I make her say she’s from Georgia:)

  7. Hi Tim. I was born elsewhere, but have lived in Georgia here for 8 years now. Between Atlanta and Athens, so that’s sort of NE of Atlanta, the NE part of Georgia, which is sometimes called “Central” but some dingies. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I love NE Georgia. I was born in PA and lived there until I was 13, then lived in South Florida for too many years. So that makes me have to ask, where did Cindy live in Florida? ๐Ÿ™‚

    About my bird watching, it’s so sad, I’ve seen hardly any birds the last year or so, and never anything as exciting as a Scarlet Tanger here at our house!

    We are bird deficited it seems.

    Thanks for visiting! I’ll be seeing y’all over at your blog!

  8. Just wanted to say “hi” and hope that all is going well for you and your family. Too bad that our family is so spread all over the globe and we rarely get a chance to visit. I’m glad that I had the chance to visit with Bro. Gaylord in September on my way back home from my Navy reunion at Vineland, NJ. Happy also to be able to visit a few short days with other relatives in Hickory and Washington, Pa. Audrey even drove me out to Gaylord’s farm. Paul was in Chicago at the VA learning to be able to navigate better.
    Take care! Love to all of you! A Lisbeth and U Abbie.

  9. Hi! Your talk of painting colors sounds wonderful. We recently painted our house, all white, all over, to get it ready to sell. We listed our house for sale last Tuesday, and on Saturday we had two showings, the second one made an offer, although it is too low, but we will make a counter offer. I don’t think this will amount to anything, so we will have to continue, as Rick says, living in a fishbowl, until we accept an offer.

  10. Becky, I corrected the extra postings … just so you know. If it was because the page didn’t seem to load … know that it happens like that often, and it does post right away, so if the page seems to hang, just copy your text “just in case” and then close the browser. Open a new one and go back to my site page you were on, and your comment should be there already, if not, try again.

    I don’t know why it does that, but it does sometimes. Sorry for the trouble! Don’t worry if you double or triple post something, I can easily fix it on my end.

    Thanks for the compliments on the color choices! I’m excited to get going. I was going to start the priming today, but had to not do it as a forgotten Bible Study is tonight, and that’s just too much in one day for me. Hopefully I can start painting tomorrow!

    I hope your house selling goes well.

    Essay Question #1: Do you happen to ever watch “Designed to Sell” on HGTV, and if so, how has that made an impact on this house on the market experience?


  11. No I have not seen that show. I rarely watch TV these days. We have sold a house twice before and so we have picked up some great ideas from the excellent realtors we have worked with. We have an excellent one now, too. Mainly you want to fix things that dont work, paint a basic color which people can see thier stuff on the walls etc. More later.

  12. About preparing a house for selling it. The hardest part of this is clearing the counters and furniture of most things and only leaving things vital to functioning (coffee maker, toaster, microwave) and putting everything else away, wiping counters clean all the time and getting cat hair off the furniture daily. I am weary about all the stuff I have to do every morning before work, to leave the house in viewing condition in case of unexpected dropins. Its not that our house is not usually clean, it is relatively, but you have to go the extra mile to make the house look as nice as it can be. Some other tips we have picked up include making the place smell homey, putting a dab of vanilla on light bulbs so the heat will make it smell like freshly baked cookies. But of course actually baking cookies helps, except that I don’t do much baking anymore. We have an offer going, we countered and they are in the process of countering back.

  13. Becky, “Designed to Sell” is a cute show where the host is an English guy, not the usual, it’s filmed in CA I think, and he goes with a particular designer and a crew of 3 regular workers to “get a house ready to sell”.

    So the show opens up with the house in pre-sell condition, host brings a realtor in to look it over and critique it. That is shown to the owners who cannot be there live, they are usually viewing it at a neighbors house on a monitor.

    Then the designer and crew come in, the designer goes over the realtors points and then quickly rattles out the plan to get that house ready for open-house and to sell for big bucks.

    It’s not that they pick normal homes, there is usually some sort of something that needs updating.

    It’s nice though, to watch, it’s basically a thing to enjoy and see how a house changes and gets ready to sell.

    In this show, the objective is usually to make the house warm, colorfully inviting, lived in, not junked up, no personal pictures out, but sort of making it a “decorator model” but not exactly. It’s making each room look like it has a specific purpose, and to make it look nice as well.

    They usually don’t go for big bold colors, but do use color in part of the house, if it needs it particularly.

    I know the real world realtors ususally do say “paint everthing white” so it was interesting to get a view of this HGTV show, where they partially counter that.

    Just wondered if you’d seen it, so now that I’ve given you an overview of it, you know what it’s about and don’t have to feel like you have missed anything. It’s just sort of a weird show. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I bet it’s hard selling, the day in and day out of having the house available. I don’t look forward to that sort of thing. It’s something that I am hoping I won’t have to go through, that we’ll be able to move out before we sell … ๐Ÿ™‚

    It does sound like you are very weary of it all, but since you have to do it, you have to and do so. My sympathies to you dear sister!

    Now about messy houses, yours isn’t because you aren’t usually messy? Or it’s easier to not be messy though you tend to be, since you work and don’t have small children anymore? I don’t know about that kind of stuff. I mean, I am messy. I can do alright by myself, but not with 4 other messies in the house. I’m snowed under constantly and just live with it. Yes, to sell, I’d have to move out first. Or move all my stuff to storage, every last vestige of true living and just pretend to live here. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I guess it’s ’cause I live a very different life. I stay home all the time. I don’t have a vehicle to go out most days, and don’t have much anywhere to go anyhow. We homeschool, so it’s the children with me all the time here. We’d have to alter that to sell, I’d not be able to be here ever to show the house. It’d freak me out too much. Realtors don’t want you at home when they show the house anyhow, do they? Or do they? ๐Ÿ™‚

    So I suppose I’m missing out on the details I’m supposed to know … you are moving out of state soon? In or out of the navy? I can’t recall that I know. ๐Ÿ™

  14. I am naturally a messy person too. When the kids were younger I was home too, in fact I had a home daycare for a few years. I know how it can be extremely hard to clean the house and get everything put away for selling condition. We did it in San Diego when the boys were little, Daniel was 3 going on 4 and Richard had just turned 8. We had a dog then too, Ginger, the beagle. We kept her out on the patio when people came over to look. In Silverdale, WA, we had an easier time since the boys were older, but it still took a lot to keep it looking good. Here, there are still some potential problems since I am in an online class. I had to clear out a cupboard on the outside part of the island, and put my books and papers in there, easily accessable, but out of the way. I use my laptop for all my work and I got a nice case for it for Christmas so I keep it in there most of the time and zip it up and put it in my closet before I leave for work. We put out the nicest towels and washcloths and don’t use them, so we go through used towels fast, use them and put them in the hamper. I have to clean the cat litter daily which I admit I let go to once or twice a week normally. And I have to clean the cat hair off the furniture and since doing it regulary, I don’t notice it as much of a problem now, but of course, the dog is not here anymore, and she used to sleep on the couch every night, even though she had a nice comfortable pillow (which the cats usually sat on). Anyway, I think it is less stress in some ways now that we are gone during the day, however, I have to leave the house in better condition than I usually would. It is good training for me, but I will fall into my naturally messy ways again easily I am sure.

    As for our move and Navy situation here it is:
    Rick is planning on retiring from the Navy in a couple years. He is up for orders this summer, asked to extend for a year or two here and they said no, because they are making major changes with the Hospital and staff, and anyone up for orders is out. He could have retired here if he wanted, but he needs at least one more year in to retire as CDR. So for orders, a billet in Oak Harbor, WA (on Whidbey Island) came up and he is going to report there in early April. He will drive out there and tow his motorcycle on April 1. Me and Daniel will stay here to continue selling the house and getting the house ready to pack up. The Navy will pack us up when we tell them. Daniel graduates from high school June 5 so we are staying here at least until then. If the house doesn’t sell we will stay until it does, and I am sure that it will sell if not this spring, it will this summer. So anyway, does that answer your questions? Once we are in WA, Rick will retire after two years or after 3 if we like the area. Oak Harbor is way north of where we lived before. Daniel is planning on going to college out in Washington. I am glad he is coming with us. Richard is on the USS Theodore Roosevelt, stationed in Norfolk, VA. He will be going out to see on a long trip sometime this summer. It distresses me somewhat to think of living so far west for the rest of our lives, since Rick wants to settle up there in WA. I feel real bad that we have lived so far away from family all these years. Now I am concerned that our boys don’t settle far away from us and our grandchildren will grow up not knowing us, like we have done to our children.

  15. Marysue,
    I am so frustrated about my website. I am using Front Page to upload stuff since I don’t have any time left for my trial version of ftp. I tried deleting ftp and getting it again and it already knows that my time limit is up. I am getting error after error that shuts down the website uploading each time. I try selecting the page with the error to not publish and try to publish the rest, and I got down to my index page only, and got errors on that too. I still have yesterday’s date on my home page and a weather advisory we had then, which never brought us any bad weather and is history now. I am just so frustrated with my unsuccessful attempts at a website! You are so experienced and have such a nice navagatable (sp?) site. I do not have the content to get mine up like yours but I want to have something that I can update daily if I want to, and it doesn’t have to be elaborate. So what should I do? I may just start over and not use any of front page’s templates, and just put simple links to photos and news. I still have a feeling that it will not upload easily but maybe it will. I will keep you posted.

  16. Becky, I email you this morning … did that help?

    If I make templates for you to fill in with data, and you have a way to upload them, you will easily be able to learn how to write your own navigatable nice pages … So you can find a free FTP just not WS_FTP Home … in order to uninstall that and reinstall it for a free trial again, you’d have to go into your Registry and delete the right keys connected to WS_FTP Home … you wouldn’t know how to do that easiy or taking time to do it probably, and it’s not really advisable for most folks to go into their Registry.

    Otherwise, you can also reinstall your OS, that wipes out the registry, but that’s kind of silly just to get a little free trial on a program. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Just have to find another FTP utility, or get Dreamweaver going for you to upload from that. I said most of this in the email, just reiterating it here. As well I said, ditch Frontpage. It’s not worth using, with the proprietary way it codes things.

    Dreamweaver makes a site for all browsers anyhow, so that’s a good one tool to use.

    I can show you how to really make good pages though {simple HTML construction, easy to learn, then CSS – Cascading Style Sheets, just apply that stuff to your HTML construction and you have a nice page.}, just need notepad.exe and FTP to your webspace!

  17. Marysue,
    I did see your email this morning, although I read through it quickly before putting the laptop away to go to work. I will be ditching Front Page as you advise. I will keep trying to set up dreamweaver to do what it is supposed to do, however, I wonder if the problem is our roadrunner service. The choices on roadrunner are either to use ftp or enable front page. I would think that dreamwearver set up correctly can access the website just fine, except that if that is the case, why does the webmaster here at work use dreamweaver to upload, but it is using ftp connections to do so. I wonder if dreamweaver is only enabled when you are using another source to upload. On dreamweaver, the choices for remote are the following:
    Source Safe Database

    Does this make any sense to you why local/network does not work? If I choose FTP, it asks for my user name and password, and the url for the site. If I choose local/network, I think I only put in the url (I am not sure, I am not using my home computer right now). I know that if there is not a place to put in a password, that including the file name in the url is not going to work. There must be a way to do this and I am just not understanding the options correctly. I think I will contact roadrunner and ask them for help in this. Of course, the more I learn about html and ccs is good so I can do something with it in the future. When we move, we may not have an internet service for a while until we get established somewhere. We might be living on base for a few months to a year, or we might rent for a while if we don’t find a house in an area we want to buy. The problem in buying a house is this: We don’t know the areas and we think if Rick is going to retire in two years we should like the area and it should be an area that is easy to get to possible work for him and me. Oak Harbor is an island, and buying a house may be cheaper on it, but you are stuck there with only one road off to the mainland, or an expensive ferry that also takes a long time to use something like that daily. I was looking online at homes for sale in Anacortes, WA and in the price range I put in, mostly land came up, and a few old homes. I am afraid that prices are going to be really high and we are priced out of the housing market. I am sure that at least there is affordable housing on the island, but it doesn’t look good for the long term. Anyway, Rick will be there in a bit more than two weeks and he will be able to look around and see for himself what the best alternative is. He will be looking for a house to buy as well as look for a rental or try to get Navy housing if it is available and is also nice (the homes are all old from the 1960’s but supposedly remodeled). Talk to you later.

  18. Marysue,
    Rick got the results of an MRI yesterday. It shows that he has an inflamed nerve in the narrowing area of the spine where the infection took part of the bone away in the infection he had in the 80s. He is happy that it isn’t an infection coming back, although they can’t do any thing for an inflamed nerve. It was probably agravated from heavy lifting, which he hasn’t been able to avoid being the man of the house and we are moving. At least we know that nothing will be holding him back for the upcoming move. He will be leaving next Friday to drive across the country to Whidbey Island, WA, and start a new job that he isn’t sure if he will even like. He will be head of the health promotions department, dealing with all sorts of preventative health issues. His area of experise is in emergency and trauma care and nursing services. It will be a change for him and in an area that he is not very interested. We shall see how this turns out. Of course, he will only be in that position for 2-3 years, and then he will retire and get a civilian job. Well, I must go, I just wanted to let you know what was found about his back.

  19. Tamara, usually, for some reason unknown to me so far, comments don’t “seem” to post right away. They do usually though.

    I know for me, in FireFox that if it churns and does not “seem” to be posting (in other words, cycle through and reload the post I commented on with my post showing as posted …) if I go into my Admin section it is there. If I open up a new FireFox window of that post it is there. If I open up IE with that post it is there. The comments posts immediatly and just churns in the browser sometimes for that unknown reason.

    I can’t use that browser but a NEW browser opened I can. That browser, even a “new tab” won’t load my site. So I must give up that browser sometimes when I post comments. I sometimes find that happening with posting in the admin section, but it’s not as usual as it is with comments. Sorry for the trouble!

    It’s probably just my server. Things will be switched to a new one sometime soon, if not already, and then tweaked and maybe the connection will be better for it too, and this will clear up. I hope.

    I don’t know if this is a FF problem too, or just something in WP and FF together, or that and my server, or all or none or some configuration of them … I think things might hang in IE sometimes, but I am not sure, I don’t really use that browser anymore and don’t test with it usually unless made to due to a site being IE-only designed. (Yuk!)

    So it’s a thing that seems to not be there at all sometimes, then others is like a forever hang, or others when it just churns awhile then gets done all of the sudden.

  20. Tamara, just wanted to comment on your first comment just above, not just the comment troubles. Since I am commenting right away though, I’ll let you know that it seemed to hang wasn’t doing anything, and I watched it and watched it and then went to open IE to see if it was there, and right at that point the page reloaded showing the comment posted right away in FF. But it did hang until then, and showed no activity at all in the little green moving thingy at the bottom of the FF browser.

    As for being better, my UTI is all better, and was in less than a day, and I have had more energy since then too. Mostly I am doing stuff and trying not to think of you-know-what (I hope you do know what I mean!) and that is hard and easy.

    I had started a post yesterday, but saved it as a draft and never got back to it, we had big thunder storms all morning and part of the afternoon. So lightning had me get off-line, well just a precausion.

    I’m busy ripping the kitchen apart and that is energising to a degree, finally the plans I’ve had are coming to life. I have permission to do things and it’s so freeing! I’m not getting a totally brand new kitchen, but I am getting a new layout and many new things piece by piece and we will keep the cabinets that were build with the house, I like them alright, and we’ll build some to match to fill out the new design when that time comes to do it.

    We have a french double door unit to uninstall and rebuild the wall for a window we haven’t picked out yet and have no idea when that will be. That’s where the sink and all will move to … so we must have a clue as to “when and how much” before we can do that side of the kitchen. The other side, I got the long line of cabinet out yesterday, and moved it to the other end of the kitchen. That was grand! It’s just one nice big piece, custom build, not a big fancy deal, but whole big pieces that move so easily. It’s just MFD and pine that they are made of, and painted on the outside, with big MFD painted cathedral doors on the top, and simple same kind just a square raised shape on the bottom cabinets. I just moved the bottom ones … and will not do the top ones alone. Frank and I got the little cabinets off the upper little section earlier this week. Just a few that used to be where the stove used to sit originally. Stove has been moved twice since then ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I have my big Baker’s Rack in that space now. It’s nicer there. And the counter is more useful in that corner, more available since getting the higher cabinets out.

    I’m moving all my “office” stuff to that space that just got freed yesterday. One long low bookcase so far, and it’s so nice to have this end where I am now, still here with my laptop on a table by the french doors, but not be cluttered in with that bookcase. Now I have the lower cabinets by me and will be moving them into their place against the wall later. Flooring is next, hopefully. A “Forever Floor” from Backwoods Home magazine. Look it up online if you are interested. It’s done with roofing materials and latex paint. It’s really a cool idea and is exactly what I am thrilled to consider really doing soon. It’s Artsy; and a really good floor, they say.

    I pulled up half of the vinyl floor in here, and will do the rest tomorrow. Crowbar and hammer removing molding and it’s just a ton of fun to get that nasty stuff up off the floor and into the garage and sweeping the junk out of the corners and edges where it all collected under the shoe molding, yuck! It’s like there is builder dirt there too, from building the house. They don’t clean up before they put the finishing touches on the interior. Well, some, they do, but not like I’d do if IIII built my own house! Like I’m doing with this renovation … ๐Ÿ™‚

    So I’m alive, kicking, sad, but moving about.

  21. I have had the comments “hang” on me before but no big deal. I’d just open another window and look at something else while the comments did their thing. I was a little too hasty this time. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m glad you are feeling better. I’ve had a couple UTIs – one bad as I was young and didn’t know signs/syptoms, etc., one not so bad as I knew what was going on and nipped in the bud as you didn. Nasty, hurtful things. ๐Ÿ™ Yes, I know what you mean and am glad you are keeping busy which occupies your thoughts too. I’m weird…but your demolition/rearranging/remodeling sounds like a grand time to me! ๐Ÿ™‚ Wish we were doing more of it here… Actually, it seems we just keep going with demolition with no end in sight. I want to be doing some putting-back-together too!! If we lived close to each other, I’d offer a hand. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Marysue,
    I have been looking at your site from time to time and didn’t see any changes on your main blog, but didn’t always check here. I am glad you are doing renovation and keeping busy, that will help with your “down” feelings. I know that the mess of the renovation can also get you down, but there is an end in sight and a sense of accomplishment when finished that should brighten you up and take your mind off the negative things of your loss. I know somewhat of your feelings of being without child at this age. Rick had his vasectomy when I was 30 and I felt so old suddenly and like my young child bearing days were over and another cold, drylike stage was starting. I felt rather depressed, but felt better when I talked to someone whose husband had a vas and 5 years later she got pregnant. The woman had her baby with her when she was telling me this, and it made me feel better that if it were God’s will for me to have another child that He would cause it to happen, even when the possibility seemed so bleak to me. I have thought of that from time to time over the years. In recent stressful months I missed my period, at age 45, and the feelings of motherhood again scared me because of health issues, both being old and being overweight. The possibility of being pregnant caused even more stress, but I started looking at information of pregnancy in your 40’s and started warming up to it and beginning to feel protective of something that could be forming in my womb. When pregnancy tests came back negative my feelings both positive and negative would go up and down. When I was pregnant with Daniel, two tests came back negative before one was positive. I felt so relieved, and a little sad, when my period came. I am getting closer to menopause and I am trying to focus on getting healthier to prevent serious health problems as I age. I am now looking forward to years ahead when the children are on their own and independant. I am hoping that years ahead will include frequent interaction with grandchildren, but my fear is that my children will settle away from me and visits will be infrequent. Richard has spent a lot of time in Virginia and has two ex-girlfriends who live in that state. He will be based there for 4 years while being stationed on the USS Theodore Roosevelt. I am hoping that he will still want to live near us if we are living in Washington, and the plan of having Daniel come with us helps me feel that he will settle near us. We lived in Washington for 5 years while the children were growing up, so that may be the closest thing that they can call home, if there is such a place because of our moving around. Now that we are moving to Washington there are posibilities in the future, however, we will be so far away from extended family, and that grieves me too. We have never lived close to my extended family and it looks like we never will. It saddens me that my children have been growing up not really knowing their grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Well, life is full of things that will sadden and other things that will bring joy. Keep your chin up.

  23. I’m plunkered out … that “re-doing” of the paint job on the cabinet doors, I had to wait until it was ‘sand-able’ and that was something I didn’t check on as soon as the “normal” time wait was up, so when I did check it was later than that, and it wasn’t easy enough to sand as I needed it to be … so I’m waiting longer.

    It’s also warmer now and so I need it to be moreso “easier” than “harder” to do, so that the heat isn’t as bothersome to me.

    As well, I have other cabinets to paint too, but they all won’t be “hung” until DH gets the electricity move up, so I sort of am awaiting that as well.

    We knocked out most of the wall that the cabinets had been on. We just need to complete the plan of what to do with that area … we know it’ll be an L-shaped countertop thing, but whether or not we’ll have or need-to-have a column there is in question, and then how to fix up that ceiling space too …

    It’s all sort of then in limbo since DH is in the middle of workage changes again, and we need some $ to do some things. I need more paint too. I have wall paint, but am not using it yet since we need to move a few other things too from the “old” end of the kitchen, and firm up the “opened up” space edges. Tie it all together and it’s just many little things that have stopped it all.

    I have pictures on my computer that I was going to load on here, but I haven’t yet. I have the hardware on the lower cabinet that I already painted, and it looks great, the color of the paint and the look of the hardware. I just need to get it done and retake pictures I guess, since those pictures I took are alright, just not a complete project look, two drawers are missing in it, and the paint isn’t exactly done … I’m rambling.

    I’m still re-arranging the things in the dining room and kitchen, the loose things. That is a job and a half too. Then the daily de-junking on top of it all, housewide, which I never even get a days worth of it done in one day … ๐Ÿ™

    Biding my time in the kitchen until DH gets more motivated to do some other things, and gets $ enough to buy me a new stove ๐Ÿ˜‰

    We do have that “new” refridgerator, and it’s marvelously wonderful! It’s side-by-side and just more useful than our regular Kitchen Aid one. It’s a Kenmore, 25 cubit feet of space. I don’t recall how it’s distributed, but the vertical space of the Kenmore fridge is more cubic space than my Kitchen Aid fridge space (I am not including freezer space in that). Not only that, but it’s more useful being “vertical” I have fit more things in it than I could possibly have in the other conventional spatial fridge. It’s just more condusive to my type of “organization” I guess.

    I have two fridges now then. The old one is on the “old” side of the kitchen, right by the garage door. I didn’t unload it, just moved some of the good current stuff over. I left the icky stuff so that I can just clean it out when I have the motivation to do so. In any case, all my regular stuff fits into the “new” fridge and that includes beverages, like the milk we get. I never could have fit veggies and all the lunch stuff, and meat, and 8 1-gallon jugs of milk and then other beverage things into the Kitchen Aid, and then had ability to access everything easily to boot. We got milk yesterday from the farm, the first time in awhile, and so this was the first time with this fridge. I got 7 of the gallons on the top shelf and had 1 left over to go on the next shelf, and still room for more things. Wow! We had to empty the fridge before to get all of it in. So we used a cooler and just filled it with ice every other day to hold the extra jugs of milk. I didn’t like that.

    So we are sold on side-by-side fridges now. Absolutely great. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m glad to have a second conventional too though, it’ll be more handy for having guests, holiday times, and just when doing odd-things.

    So what I’m doing is mostly trying to de-junk now, and not making much headway. ๐Ÿ™

    Heat and messy dirty stuff piled around, ick! Itchy, itchy, itchy to my skin and in my brain!

  24. I’d love to buy milk that way! And, to have the fridge space. We used to have 2 also…one original to the house (nice avacado green ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) and one given to use by some friends who were moving. It was great to have that “back up” space. Unfortunately, the green one finally gave up the ghost and we have the dinky second one as our main one. The freezer is soooo small. I’m looking forward to getting that chest freezer I mentioned in my blog a few months back. Just need to get down to my parents camp and get it… Making the time you know… ๐Ÿ™„

    Anyway, I know how these stop-n-start-n-stop projects go. Hang in there! One day it will be just as you imagine (I hope! :-D)…

  25. Good Afternoon Maisy! ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you are doing well today.

    I read your “site stuff” page. Good idea. It’s nice to see what others are using and how they have it set up. Especially for those who are still learning…like me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I noticed you stopped using Accuweather a while back. Are you using the Getweather plugin for WP? If so, how to you like weather.com’s info compared to accuweather’s?

    Have a nice Memorial Weekend with your family! ๐Ÿ™‚

  26. Yes, I’m using WeatherIcon 2.01 … for some reason I don’t have it in my “site stuff”. I started that page one day and have meant to make it spiffier and up-to-date … alas, not yet!

    I like the Weather Icon plugin, it’s straightforward, easy to change the stuff about it in an admin interface. I like the png graphics it comes with too.

    I didn’t like how long the accuweather thing took to load sometimes. I had tried “getweather” plugin before and it didn’t work. So I saw that WeatherIcon was updated for WP 1.5 and decided I’d rather have current info from my choice of reporting station, and have it look really nice as it does.

    I used to go to weather.com, and started using accuweather.com, purely just as ME going to their sites, I’m speaking. I liked the accuweather.com approach more than weather.com’s and how their site works, and the different weather maps and satelite maps … etc.

    I watch Weather Channel on TV though, there isn’t another weather station on TV. I think the thing about accuweather is that I like how it ‘feels’ it’s packaged differently … weather.com is for the general has-no-clue crowd, I mean they cater to that as the lowest common denomenator.

    Accuweather seem to cater to the more intelligent scietific, or experimentally interested person, like a home weather enthusiast who’s seriously interested. You do have many options of buying better data access, which I haven’t, but would if I had the $ ๐Ÿ™‚

    I just feel a pro-roll-up-your-sleeve-we-are-almost-in-the-same-room-with-them sort of thing with Accuweather. Weather.com is more scaled down. It’s sort of that they are Windows (windows controls the environment to the nth degree, you have little option of changing things), and Accuweather is Linux, (much more fine tuning control and easier to do this and that if you get into it).

    I used to have a thermometer outside, and rain gauge in the yard (just a cheap manual type) and I just didn’t like the weather.com forcasts and what they said conditions for my area actually were, and so on.

    So I don’t use weather.com, just Weather Channel. I get weather emails from accuweather. I like those. Allergy report emails from them too.

    So I do like WeatherIcon 2.01 … it’s easy and has a really clean graphical look that I like.

    If you use png graphics just know they won’t show up correctly in IE. I have something that I use to force IE to use the alpha filter … if you don’t have that script and info, I’ll find the source for you. Without it, all png graphics in IE get a black or grey box behind them, yuck! Let me know if you need that png info to fix it!

  27. I’ve always preferred Accuweather as well. The link icon wasn’t fitting my “look” any more though and I wanted a change anyway.

    I uploaded WeatherIcon yesterday. It does have a nice clean look and I’m enjoying the change.

    That png info would be greatly appreciated! It does look “yuck” in IE. ๐Ÿ˜› Thanks Maisy! :-

  28. Marysue,
    I thought I would say Hi. I am sitting amongst lots of boxes here, and they all get loaded on the truck tomorrow and we say goodbye to this soon to be empty house. I am so tired from not sleeping enough night after night. Just for your info, my contact info is changing, the wi.rr.com email no longer is active and my website will soon be erased. I will get another one started whenever we get new internet service in Washington. Talk to you later!

  29. Becky, Thanks for stopping by again! We’ll be praying for y’all …. sleep, safe trip, etc.

    We’ve not been feeling well here lately, or else I would have sent you an email or two lately. I got really sick on Memorial Day evening and haven’t been good since then, also with allergies and pms and what comes after tagged on to the “virus” … then migraine today … too much in the space of 10 days. We all have been suffering some way or another since that day I got sick … and now Frank seems to be on the down-hill as I was last week. ๐Ÿ™ I just hope for the Migraine to go away entirely … and see if I don’t feel so bad afterall …

    So thanks for popping in and feel free to do so any time soon!

  30. Hi Maisy!

    Sorry to hear that you haven’t been feeling well. ๐Ÿ™ Hope you keep getting better and better. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I had forgotten my request for the IE png fix until I ran across a link for one today. I thought I’d bookmarked it…but now can’t find it. It reminded me that you had made an offer in that regard! Whenever you get around to it is fine. Now that I’ve upgraded and found a theme I like and actually works with both browers, I don’t want IE representing us as constantly being in the dark (which is what the png looks like – night all the time). It isn’t winter here yet!! LOL (When it is pretty close to that…)

    Again, hope you are feeling 100% soon. (Or, is that too much to ask with the summer heat…??? ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

  31. Tamara: Here’s a link to the document about it and the actual stuff you need, it’s all there on that page or linked.

    Fix PNG Behavior on Webfx

    You need the pngbehavior.htc file on your site, and a reference to it in your style sheet. If the site I’m linking to doesn’t explain it well enough for you to implement, let me know and I can help.

    Sorry for dropping the ball on that one before. I’m feeling a lot better, but then again, not exactly. It was a virus, now allergies and heat and … that’s just plain yucky. 100% will come … some time, but when? :rolleyes:

  32. Marysue,
    I am in the rental house on Whidbey Island. The house is older but the location is drop dead gorgeous! We are on Deguala Bay (spelling may not be correct) overlooking the bay, various islands, and in the background mountains, and Mount Baker, another volcano in the same range that Ranier and St. Helens are in. We have beach front, although it is not like the Atlantic or Pacific beaches where people swim. The water is probably really cold. Anyway, I left Wisconsin on Friday morning and Daniel and I shared driving and arrived here in WA late Monday night. The cats were much better than I thought they would be. I had gotten tranquilizers for Andrew, the nervous one, and I gave him a half on one of the packing days when he had to stay in his kennel, but it didn’t seem to do anything, he cried all day. So the next day I gave him a whole, the vet had said either a half or whole. He still cried, but he appeared to be drunk, and at noon when the packers were out in thier truck eating lunch, we let the cats out for a bit, and poor Andrew kept dragging his back legs and would fall over as he walked. I felt so bad for him. He never went to sleep. So on the trip, I started out not giving him anything, and he did cry for the first two or three hours, and JC piped in sometimes too. But then they settled down and we did not hear them for hours, until we got into town of our first stop and they both started to sing a chorus. It went like that for most of the trip, they were quiet if the roads were smooth, but if they were bumpy or we slowed down, they cried. It was like they were saying “are we there yet?” I am so relieved that the trip is over. Daniel was a huge help. The cats have adjusted every place we stayed over…eating and using the litter box. Thank you for your prayers for us. We will be in the rental house for about a week and a half. We should be in our new house on June 28, that is the date that our stuff will be delivered. I have aol dialup right now for the transition time. There is a cable company in Port Orchard called Wave Cable or something.

  33. Hi Marysue,
    I am watching the Hurricane (Katrina) on tv and wonder if you are anticipating any effects of it. I hope not, but since it is such a large and strong storm, I would not be surprised if you do get some of it. I will keep you in my prayers.

  34. Becky, thanks for your prayers. We had tornado warnings and very strong thunderstorms from Katrina the other day, some of her outer feed bands … there was damage done to some areas of Georgia, but we survived without any tornadoes on our heads.

    If you see anything about Helen, GA and Lula, GA, on the news, those places had tornado activity that is being covered, at times, on TWC, and they aren’t so far from us, just to the North, a bit of a drive, but close. Helen is a really cute tourist trap, a German Bavarian village, in the N. GA Mtns.

    There were actual tornadoes spotted all around us as well, but don’t know if there was any particular damage. To the west of Atlanta there was more damage.

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