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Crayola Crayon’s Web Site

If you have young children, you might like to take a look at Crayola’s web site. Click on Activity Book, and there are lots of coloring pages to print. What I did was to open the printer friendly page for each coloring page I wanted to print, and then I right clicked on the main image and chose “save as” and saved the image on my hard drive. I categorized all the pictures in the “My Pictures” folder on my computer, and so now whenever I want to print a coloring page, it’s very, very simple (I use Win XP; the built-in picture printing utility makes it easy to print full size coloring pages.)

There are more coloring pages than just for “coloring”. There are learning, crafting, and thinking things. All organized under several categories. For home schoolers, this is a nice resource, or for those of you who have pre-school children at home (and this should make you see how easy it is to school your own children!)

[You will be prompted to register on this site, or to log in if you already are registered. For adults, it’s easy.]

Does anyone have any other links for children’s coloring pages online? Please leave them here under “comment” if you do.

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