Bluebird Activity Alert

I noticed last week that the Bluebird box was being readied for use. So keeping an eye on it, with Russell’s help, I was able to see that it was being filled and arranged for a nest.

This morning there are two blue eggs in the nest. I could be a day off of understanding the laying pattern since I checked yesterday late morning, but not after, and not the day before that at all. So I’ll be checking the box later this afternoon.

I am hopeful for the Bluebirds, but a bit wondering at their sense. Will they be able to raise up two or three or four babies and ready them for winter?

They tried twice to nest this year, with both failing, so this is a third attempt. I admire their spirit!

3 responses to “Bluebird Activity Alert”

  1. I do hope it goes better for them this time. ๐Ÿ™‚ Perhaps the second time around, it wasn’t their fault…with the ants and all…meaning that maybe the ants were the cause of the babies demise rather than the aftermath? Have you thought about spraying around the area maybe to deter them this time? I don’t like using chemicals either but… :-/ Will be looking forward to updates! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I have come to the conclusion that the babies died and then the ants arrived. How the babies died is a mystery, of course. There are many things that CAN go wrong, but usually don’t. There are other bug infestations, but I never saw signs of anything wrong until not checking the birds for a few days I found them dead as described in the other post.

    Ants are great at finding dead things and carrying it away in pieces. Part of how nature breaks things down again after life.

    Also, about poison, that’s a no no around birds. We only put the powder kind of ant poison on a very active hill within a few feet from the house basically, since bird come into yard, and our hens are moved around the backyard.

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