2005 Sandal Journey

We’ve been looking in stores for sandals for me to wear. I had an idea in my mind, actually a picture, of course, seeing as I’m “Visual-Spatial” ๐Ÿ˜‰ and of course, weary me, weary us, no store had anything remotely like I wanted.

I have a pair of red Janzen flip flops we got on Tybee Island the other week, but there they had nothing remotely like I wanted either.

We were at the mall last week, one last try, trying the big retail mall. We went into all the shoe shops, departments stores, and any retailer that had sandals.

The sandal style out there for 2005 seems to be really flip-floppy and ugly, with big thick soles. Man-made materials 100% or made out of cotton upper thong stuff, and man-made-bottoms.

I had in my mind the style I last purchased. Long ago, in like 1988. They serviced me well. Actually I think I got a different pair after that, but they fell apart and the older pair didn’t. So it’s like this: My 1988/89 sandals were my favorite by far, and the pedestal on which to measure everything else up to.

I saw something in Amercian Eagle though. It was the closest to my vision at that point in our 2005 Sandal Journey. We kept looking elsewhere though. That store I had never “really” been in. I realized finally, after several more futile looking at myriads of shoes, we had to go back to American Eagle.

The sandals there were displayed in the back on the wall, and nearer to the front on a turning rack. What was I looking for:

Leather, white, thong or strap between toe, strap in back. Leather upper and lower, wood heel, but very flat so not much heel.

The AE sandal was white and leather. It had silver stuff on it and no back strap. But looking at it again, it was made how I wanted, just not decorated how I was hoping to find. But, they didn’t have my size (6). They checked in the back. None. They did have the same sort of style in a different look, but not in white. So we were able to order it through the store and have it shipped to us for no extra charge that way.

The sandals came via USPS today finally (it seems such a long wait! Over a full week.) So I have them on now, “breaking them in”. They are comfy, just the left one needs to give a bit, and will with time worn.

[insert photo of new sandals here — later]

I like them alot. They can’t measure up to my ideal though. My beloved sandals were different, and decor was thick metal stuff. They were just scrumptious. I might actually have them somewhere in a pile, I know they encountered trouble in the last few years and something could have been fixed, but wasn’t and so I don’t know anymore what the trouble was. In any case, something new was in order.

I have some new skirts and for summer I really needed white sandals to go with them. So now I’m good to go. ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s a link to the sandals on the American Eagle site.

I did like some of the stuff they had in the store too. A few cute skirts.

That’s the thing about everywhere though, I’ve been looking for dresses and skirts in main stream shops and WOW the styles are finally here! Prarie and just great flouncy skirts and dresses and it’s rather nice for a change. Great Spring, Summer, Autumn styles for feminine comfort and charm. It’s only here for this 2005 season, and will be out of style by next year, but who cares. I don’t. I’ll wear it in 2006, 2007, 2008, etc. It’s been dry as a bone otherwise. Frank tells me “We’ll go out and get a dress for you”. Wearysome words. I rarely find anything good, and nothing to bring home but rayon stuff that I really don’t like that much. $ is an issue, so I can’t just go find stuff just anywhere. I wish I could sew stuff, but I just don’t have the motivation to get back into that anymore.

So for now, it’s a fun time. Actually nice feminine modest stuff out there, mixed in with the mini scrunchy tiny things of course. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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