Orlando Fl and Epcot

We got home late last night from Florida — after midnight, actually, which is “technically” today.

DH had business there (wed, fri, sat,) and we also took a day, Thursday, to go to a Disney park, Epcot — first time for the whole family. DH and I have both been there together a few times, and I have been there a couple or more times before meeting him (in fact I was there the first day it opened, an accident really, being there with an [singing] ensamble from HS, traveling for something else, we all just “went” there that night, and it was a suprise to us, it was the FIRST opening day.)

I’ve loved Epcot and have many fond memories from being there through the years. The last time my hubby and I were there before this recent time was in Nov. 1995, when I was 3-4 months along with my first baby. So it was longer than 11 years since we were there. Many changes indeed.

The children, being 10, 8, and 6 did like it at Epcot, but not a whole bunch over all. We sort of knew that might be the case, but we had just one day to do something and we really wanted to do Epcot and it could be done in a day, a long day, yes, not seeing “EVERYTHING” but doing alot, and seeing most of the “important” things to us.

It was a hard day for me, being over 5 months along now, on my 4th baby (or 5th if counting my 4th preg. that didn’t work out.) Being a 5th pregnancy I’m fairly big already, have been for along time, and getting bigger week by week (day by day sometimes it seems.) I hadn’t walked that much since being pregant, nor had I walked that much in the past few years or more, mostly. I’m older now, I was in my 20’s when there last [nearly out, but still in my 20’s.] I didn’t “feel” so bad, just had to go to the bathroom alot, and was tired and had to sit here and there. But later in the afternoon I started getting a heat rash on my inner thighs, I was wearing a skirt and no leggings of any sort, and it got quite painful and just got worse and worse. Finally we stopped for dinner around 7pm in “Morroco” and sat there awhile waiting for the food, then eating. I had wanted to see the fireworks at 9pm, but was so miserable because of the “rash” thing, by the time of eating, and I just didn’t want to walk any more or wait to walk out in the crowds after fireworks.

So we finally decided to, after 8pm, just haul ourselves back to the lockers, and get our stuff and get to the vehicle. Before we left “Morocco” I put Neosporin on the rash and also took Tylenol (quick release sort) — and the  ointment really made everything burn badly, it hurt to walk in the first place, and that made it THAT much MORE horrid. But as we were going out of the park, I didn’t feel as badly, the pain really went down to a small level and it didn’t “hurt” to walk, thanks to the Neosporin finally “killing the pain” some, as well as the Tylenol taking effect, no doubt. But I was more than ready to just take leave and just come back another time for the fireworks, later in the year when we want to go back to Disney for 3 or so days, maybe, and will do Park Hopping and be able to see Epcot fireworks with little problem, hoping to be staying on the Disney property and able to go in and out at will to parks and our hotel room.

I got to enjoy one of my favorite rides though, in Norway, I love that ride. It’s sort, but really good. My fav every since my first ride, whenever that was, so long ago. Mexico’s ride wasn’t open, being refurbished.

Everyone but me did the Test Track and really liked it. Being preggo, I couldn’t ride it. Tomorrow Land was quite different from last time we were there, many things the same, but other things changed. We did the new Nemo ride, cute for little ones. We did The Land, one of my favorites, and Space ship Earth. We ate in The Land area, the lesser eating place, but it was really a good lunch.

We stayed with the “$” places for food on this trip to Epcot. We had a snack from France later in the afternoon, and as I said above, Morocco for dinner later.

Hubby had appointments in FL on Friday (as well as the day we got there, Wed. and we “rested” then too,) so we rested in the hotel that day, me and the children. I was really into resting, sleeping often through the day.  I did get a migraine that afternoon that I had trouble with until finally it left me the next day, and felt it was coming back in the afternoon, but didn’t after all.

Anyhow, on Saturday DH had an appoitment on the East Coast of FL near where a family we are very good friends with lives, so we left the hotel that morning, drove over and me and the children waited in the vehichle during the appointment, then we drove to our friends house. We had a short vistit, we hadn’t seen them in awhile, and it was nice to see them all — they are a very large family, our children and theirs are in the same age ranges, only we have three, currently, while they have quite a few more. We’ve been friends since before we all had children, known each other before getting married, better friends after my hubby and I were married in 1992 (they got married in 1994.)

We had a decent time, but I was feeling spacey –needing to eat and generally just sort of “out of my element” from the Epcot day, the migraine the next day, and recovering energy still, and not having much sleep because of that migraine too. We had lunch with them and I began feeling better but the time with them was so very short it wasn’t as fun as other visits with them have been in the past, and will be in the future. 🙂

We stayed at the Old Town area in the Orlando vacinity to Disney-ish area. It was an OK place with a “kitchen” which was big, with two burner stove top, but only one burner worked. They provided no kitchen items, but you could rent them per day, but we brought some things ourselves since we drove down. A full size fridge was there too, but no regular oven, and yes, there was a microwave, but I don’t use microwaves. I made breakfast items, and a quesadilla sort of thing another time, and that was it, but it gave us breakfast and lunch when we wouldn’t have had them due to hubbies business otherwise. It was a suite place, so it had the kitchen in-between two areas, the front had a murphy bed and also a couch and regular tv. The back room was the ‘bedroom” and had a door to shut, two beds, a sink, a small tv. Bathroom next to the kitchen. Not huge, not small, but I didn’t like it much, the children went nuts in it worse than they do in a regular hotel room with two double or queen beds and one tv and a couch and bathroom. Since I didn’t feel good at all the full day, Friday, that we were there, I didn’t like the place at all. FWIW. Also, the “wi-fi” was a problem, we were in one room at first when we got there, but there was NO wi-fi avail, when we made sure over the phone that there would be access to it in our room, when making the reservation. So after hubbies appointments that first day (we checked in early) we swapped out rooms to another building that they said did have wi-fi, but they gave us trouble about it, as if we were weird to need or want wi-fi in our room, :rolleyes: so in the end we could only have 1mbp connection in the back room, and it wasn’t aiding me to use my laptop when DH and I used to front room, murphy bed to sleep, and I spent most of my time there on Friday … so anyhow … I’d rather not ever stay there again. We’ve stayed in two different places there in Orlando recently, all due to DH’s business, and both I’d not ever use again. The other was a Travelodge suite place. Ick. Worse even, but both bad enough to avoid completely, in my very pointed opinion.

It’s nice to be home, even though it’s still a mess here. We have the trip clothing to wash, and other clothing still that hasn’t been laundered of course, and just the basic stuff that is always needing done that doesn’t get done enough, and the mess of how things gather and collect and get dirty in this house, which  is troublesome for me. All this piled up to be done now that we are home, and the mess the cats made when we were gone.

Future times we do wish to have all things cleaned up before leaving, but it’s so hard for me to manage and DH helps alot or totally, but it’s just too much day to day for me now and he doesn’t have enough time to do it all either. The cats we’d like to seclude in one room for when we are gone, and the one good place is the laundry room, but it’s not ready for that, needing some ceiling to be put in, and the storage stuff moved out. It’ll be there “room” for litter eventually and that’ll be good for containment when we need them to stay put anytime, it’s a decent room with a window they can look out. 🙂 Just need to clean it out and set it up properly. If that can happen, our next trip should be nicer upon return. FWIW


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