My Pregnancy 2007 Page

I wanted to draw attention to the sidebar under “Pages” –way down the list look for “My Pregnancy 2007” and click on it to get a list of posts from newest to eldest on this blog and my other blog that are related to my pregnancy –either completely or side-related, referencing it in some way.

I’m mostly talking about things that are pregnancy related on this blog, but started out entirely talking about things on myother blog, and overlap has occured since I re-opened that this blog in January ’07 (leaving it dormant as I contemplated, for too long, what to do with it –wishing to take some posts from Hyperthinking and move them here, and visa-versa, but I eventually said “Hang that workout” and just started posting here again, as well as continuing there, trying to dicotemize myself as originally planned.)

“My Pregancy 2007” will be duplicated on both my Hyperthinking and PastoralFarms blogs, btw.

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