Baby Q – 3 weeks Old

Baby Q is 3 weeks old now … getting older. He’s sleeping a decent 4 to 5 hours stretch at nighttime the past week or so. Last feeding somewhere near midnight, and then usually not until 5am, sometimes 4am, or 4:30am, or 5:30am, but 5am is pretty standard (and nicer on old me.)

During the day he’s into 2 hour feedings often, and sometimes will let me stretch him to 2 1/2 hours, and occasionally will extend a nap to cause a 3 hour feeding here and there. He’s really needy in the being cuddled and held department, something I’m A-OK with generally, given enough rest, but it can translate to a cranky mama and cranky baby when we are both overtired, as happens when I don’t get much rest some days, on 4 to 5 hours of sleep at night. Also he doesn’t much like his “swing” –it’s something I’m trying to train him into liking enough to give me an occasional break, like when preparing a meal, or me trying to eat dinner 😉

He isn’t a super fussy baby overall, just kind-of fussy at times, not every day, and not the same times either, just sometimes, most days at some point, which isn’t abnormal for a newborn at all, he’s just not as “easy” as my last baby (2000) was. He has a fussy time in the late evening that when it happens translates into a very difficult bedtime, he just won’t go to sleep, on the bed or laying on me. He has to be walked and cajoled and eventually will fall asleep, but will sometimes awaken to start it all over again and again. It takes more energy than I have at that point of late, and so Daddy has to take him if he’s around (usually is, but is sometimes out of town.) That doesn’t happen EVERY night, and sometimes we have a daytime version of it late in the morning or mid-afternoon, where he doesn’t go to sleep/nap for a couple of cycles and gets crankier and crankier the longer it goes on. Like I said earlier, it’s not an “every day thing” and only feels so horrid when it starts and takes a longer time than I have energy for to end.

He’s a baby, and learning about things, like how to go to sleep, how to comfort himself a-times, and such. He’s not expected to do anything other than be a baby, eat, sleep, and be awake and round and round. I don’t have a peculiar order to stick to in that either,

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