Baby Q – 9 Months Old

Well, I was writing a post the other day, on the 23rd, in fact, since it was dear Baby Q’s 9-month b-day … but I wasn’t able to finish it at the time, but didn’t “save” it, having to shut my laptop instantly (Baby Q sees me with the laptop open and makes a beeline to grab and grope it. :rolleyes: ) It’s so hard to be able to read anything online as time goes on, let alone WRITE anything.

So Baby Q is now 9-months old and growing ever so much as usual. Physical and mental. He’s power-mobile, crawl, cruise, and is testing out “look ma, no hands!” more and more the last 4 or so days. He hasn’t taken any steps like that, but in his crusing-pulled-up mode he lets go and stands straight and true, for a few seconds. He doesn’t hold on tight anymore either, just a light feather touch is all he needs.

He talks often. He actually does repeat words here and there, and also has his own baby gaga stuff. He loves music, and does truly sing with some things, though his styling isn’t in keeping with any of it, of course.

He’s sleeping on my lap right now, and my laptop was within reach without disturbing him, so I finally am writing a semblance of what I had wanted to on Sunday.

Baby Q is a lot of fun, but so very much in need of holding/being held as much as usual. I’m his prefered holder. Daddy is second. Siblings rank as playmates mostly. I can’t so much as go into the next room without him wailing and coming after me if he can. In this way he is very different from his siblings, compared to when they were babies. He’s just the “I want to be held, and if I’m comfortable, don’t change anything!” guy. This isn’t anything new, it’s the same old, same old, with Baby Q.

Nighttime he sleeps all night with the exception that he awakes and I feed him a couple of times a night. He goes right back to sleep. This is different, compared to my first three babies. 1 & 2 slept through the night at 7 and 9 weeks respectively, with my aide at training. 3 was born a natural sleep through the nighter, I tried to un-train that days 1 & 2 but he prevailed, and I accepted it. Now Baby Q is just so different from any of them and it’s been something I recognized from the start, there would be no fiddling with his nighttime, he will sleep through sometimes, and other times he wants to eat. That’s that.

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  1. Yes, they do grow so fast! That is just one reason why I was so glad to have babies again and again, to get a little one since the previous one grew up too fast! It happens over and over. My first baby will be 12 years old soon. THAT is fast. He’ll be taller than me in less than a year now. I stopped growing sometime around (after) my 12th birthday. ๐Ÿ™

    Happy Spring to you too! It is really Spring here, trees blooming and leafing out, grass greening up, weeds springing up everywhere too.

    I don’t have any gardening going yet. I never got any going last year, DH promised to help and we never got any plots going, the plants I bought never got into the ground, and died on the driveway eventually. That was sad. Thankfully I mostly bought seeds and they will be fine to use this year.

    I kind of wanted to wait last year until SPRING was over to get things going, to reduce the “baddies” affecting my plants, everything grows abundantly when Spring gets going, bad and good, so waiting a bit will give me better results against disease and pests, I hope. Anyhow, we have such long growing seasons here, I have plenty of time for a few crops of this and that, and will do the “early spring” sorts of cool crops later, near the end of our growing season.

    Last year our Spring got going, and we had a late freeze in April (usually the last is by March 15th) that put all our plants into a tizzy, and trees had pathetic leaves and some no flowering (the later flowering sorts) and I was glad that my garden wasn’t in then, but then it never got in at all ๐Ÿ™

    I want a happy garden this year, and I hope this week/weekend DH and I can work on getting some space knocked out and ready to implement into 4 square garden plots, then we can work up the areas with hardscape as we can later, but get the garden actually growing beforehand.

    I want to get that working and take photos to share on this blog. I like having content I can share. I’ve felt so content share-less for such a long time.

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