Month: January 2009

  • Waiting … always

    There’s a bright blue sky, sun shining even brighter, and I feel so blah. I feel bad for things going on and my messy house and lack of direction for this and that and lack of feeling connected. There is always tomorrow, though. I do think that some might think me “depressed” when reading what […]

  • The hotel we are in (Celebration, FL)

    We are in Fl, the Celebration area around Orlando, in a hotel named the Mona Lisa. ( It is quite nice. We have a 2 bedroom suite (Monet layout) and I can’t tell you through words how nice it is. It’s the most pleasant place we’ve stayed, as far as rooms go. The property is […]

  • A Short Trip and Weather

    We’re going to FL for a couple of days, hubby has work there. I hope to get something in order for pictures (sorting, burning to discs, uploading, etc. Editing video … ) while we are there, since I won’t be at home with all the distractions … it’ll be a maybe, of course, since other […]

  • To MI and Back

    We were going to be on a trip to MI to see hubbies Dad after Christmas, and because of our usual tradition of “seeing a new movie” in the theatre on Christmas, and not having found one that we wanted to see, we decided at the last second to leave that very day, Christmas Day, […]