A Short Trip and Weather

We’re going to FL for a couple of days, hubby has work there. I hope to get something in order for pictures (sorting, burning to discs, uploading, etc. Editing video … ) while we are there, since I won’t be at home with all the distractions … it’ll be a maybe, of course, since other things distract me in hotels. :rolleyes:

Seem to be a cold spell has hit down there too, so not totally a thaw out for us. It gets warm-ish here at some point most days, but not all the time. Like it was mostly in the 40’s yesterday for highs, and the mornings have been in the low 20’s. This morning it was 23 on our front porch. I got a new toy at Staples yesterday. A cute little weather system on clearance. It has a wireless sensor, and on the main unit you can see readings for temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and heat index and dew point, moon phase, time, and the temp/humidity can be shown for inside the house, and any remote sensors, which we only have one of, but there can be more, apparently, I’ll have to see if they are available online.

I’ve wanted a weather system for many years, this isn’t my ideal, but it’s better than something more expensive possibly, it was cheap enough, the cost was about the same as our outside temperature this morning, in dollars.

The sort of thing I want is closer to $1000 and is very much more professional and reliable and useful. I want to have readings and measurements of where I live, and have computer use of the data too. I want all the normal things, temp, humidity, pressure, wind, rain, etc.

So my new toy gives me some of that, a limited scale, but exactly the sort of thing that will please me some. The main unit is very pretty, it’s a tall slim stand that is very smooth and sleek. It’s very modern in a sensible sort of way. Minimalistic and Modern? Anyhow it’s plastic, but looks metal and glass-like, in a way, with a lovely display underneath that smooth glassy exterior.

When we get home I’ll be able to see minimal and maximum temps, for one. I’ll clear that before we leave so it’ll be fresher data.

I don’t know what we’ll do in FL, mostly be in the hotel while hubby works, it’s more a road trip for the sake of staying together and going somewhere else just cause we can. 🙂

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