Bird Feeder Time

I found a bird feeder that was in the shed, cleaned it up a bit and put it hanging on the front porch, filled with Black Sunflowerseeds. I had another hanging there that was in bad shape, so it’s now on the porch floor. It’s hard to get seeds to come out, the bottom is really swelled up. I need to throw it away really.

All in all I have three places to hang feeders in the front, and only one decent feeder for now. At any rate, within a few hours the Northern Cardinal pair that are around usually were coming to the lower feeder. By the next day it was a flurry of activity at the hanging feeder, Carolina Chickadee, Tufted Titmouse, House Finch and the usual Eastern Phoebe going back and forth from the tree right there, a natural growing Crape Myrtle, which I mean, it’s not chopped every year.

Morning and Evening it’s such fun to watch them out the window by the door. particularly the Tufted Titmouse, which one will invariably come in for a landing from the tree to the porch rail, sit there, hop to somewhere else, and then fly away again, but pausing there for a good look around which allows humans and cats to get a good eyeful of them. All safely a glass panel between us and the birdies.

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