Summer mid-point

It’s the middle of Summer. Hot most of the time, raining, overcast, partly cloudy, sunny. Any of those on any day.

Overall it’s been LESS hot this Summer, I think. The way it feels to me, that is true. A few days of very hot and humid, then several in a row of lower hot mostly cloudy with rain here and there most days, but never getting hotter than 87, cooler temps most of the day therefore, decent.

My garden is a mess. I will work on it more this autumn to prepare for next year better. I have a lot of perennials I have just let go to seed. I don’t want to do that, want to harvest a lot of them to dry and quit buying bottles of what I have growing!

I hate weeds and bugs that I don’t want in my garden area. Lets get down to the whole point of this: I need weed fabric between my garden areas so and no lumps of ground, all needs flattened, and then pea stone overtop of the walkways.

It will make me have less weeds to deal with, and overtime less problems.

I despise how useless at gardening I tend to become at one point or another in each growing season. Blame Humidty, Mosquitoes … yeah, those are the worst two offenders.

Gangly plants … nothing much nice there. My dill died. 🙁

I guess my Basil and Rosemary are the only great things out there now. Maybe some of my chives and mint … but my entire garden had more that I am just hopeless at harvesting well. I have to get better as I’m the only one who cares about it at all.

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