Water main replaced today

New water main shutoff — a lever instead of a knob — Genius

Our main water turnoff was knob. Rusty and miserably spraying water … finally got my hubby to look at it last week and say it actually needed attention. Of course, I had to deal with the whole thing, act helpless with the plumber and he finally got someone to come out and mark the main street water meter was. It was covered by the neighbors Leland Cypress overgrown trees

Once shut off, lines cut to remove old knob, and new stuff put it and he said hey forget this knob thing I’ll get a better thing for you, a lever.

So simple to shut the water off or on now. In the position lever is in the photo above that is fully OFF.

When fully ON it lines up with the pipe.

All that nice Georgia clay has to dry out before we can put it back. Slimy wet clay. Heavy, heavy, heavy stuff I know, I know, I know.

It was a long job, but done now. I hated feeling stupid and useless.

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