Horrid Things

I’m absolutly horrified. I went to check the bluebird babies just a bit ago, and there were ants streaming up the fence by the box, and into the box. I opend the door and hundreds of ants were milling about all over everything, I pulled the next out and the babies were covered with ants, and dead … and partially eaten up. UGH!

What HAPPENED! I have no clue. I didn’t bother them for a few days. Mama and Papa Bluebird were around and not making a fuss, and they “appeard” to be feeding the babies … but this is just alful!

It did rain today … so maybe that has something to do with it, but I can not tell. In past years we’ve had all day rains to no ill efect. My spelling isn’t so good in this post, maybe, so please forgive me for that. I’m totally bombed over this … and the rash of miscarriages that women I know have had over the last couple of months … online friends and far away friends and me … I’m totally done for in some aspect of life. I have hope for the future, but am not sure how to go on to some degree. I mean, I’m “alright” but totally suffocating inside at the same time. Suffering and Misery for women and the state of the Bluebirds in my backyard. I lost a dog in February thanks to another dog attack, and a cat died in September suddenly … that’s the start of it … that was when it began … and life hasn’t been as tasty to me since.


See the baby bluebirds while they had life … Last Bluebird Post with Pictures


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